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Head of Zeus
01 Aug 2019 * EBOOK * £6.99 * 9781789541281

Ten years ago the world's governments collapsed. Now the corporations are in control. Gripping sci-fi thriller, shortlisted for both the Nebula and Philip K. Dick awards.

Fiction / FL (Science Fiction)
Extent: 188 pages
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Say Goodbye
Outside the Gates of Eden
Dark Tangos
Heroes and Villains
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Deserted Cities of the Heart
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Fronteraby Lewis Shiner

Ten years ago the world's governments collapsed. Now the corporations are in control.

Houston's Pulsystems has sent an expedition to the lost Martian colony of Frontera to search for survivors. Reese, aging hero of the US space program, knows better. The colonists are not only alive, they have discovered a secret so devastating that the new rulers of Earth will stop at nothing to own it.

Reese is equally desperate to use it for his own very personal agenda. But none of them have reckoned with Kane, tortured veteran of the corporate wars, whose hallucinatory voices are urging him to complete an ancient cycle of heroism and alter the destiny of the human race.

Born in Texas, Lewis Shiner is a musician, rock music journalist and award-winning author, writing across genres. He has published six short stories collections and eight novels, including Glimpses, winner of the World Fantasy Best Novel Award.

From the author of OUTSIDE THE GATES OF EDEN.

Finalist 1984 Nebula Award for Best Novel. Finalist 1984 Philip K. Dick Award for Best Paperback Original.

First published in 1984.

'Frontera is hard-edged and colourful and relentless, and altogether a compelling read. Shiner paints his picture of the day after tomorrow with a gritty realism that makes you believe every minute of it' George R.R. Martin

Extraordinarily accomplished... His pacing is brisk, his scientific extrapolation well-informed, and his characterization nothing short of outstanding' Chicago Sun Times

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