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Head of Zeus
We, Robots
10 Dec 2020 * HARDBACK * £30 * 9781789540918

Science fiction author Simon Ings selects 100 of the best short stories on artificial intelligence.

Fiction / FL (Science Fiction)
Extent: 1032 pages  Format: 240 x 170 mm
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We, Robots: Artificial Intelligence in 100 Storiesedited by Simon Ings

Artificial intelligence in 100 stories.

To ready us for the inevitable, here are 100 of the best short stories ever written – most of them by humans – about artificial intelligence. Simon Ings has assembled anthropomorphic cyborgs and invertebrate AIs, thuggish metal lumps and wisps of manufactured intelligence so delicate that if you blink you might miss them in the new overlord of all robot literary compendiums.

It's Alive! is about inventors and their creations.

Following the Money drops robots into the day-to-day business of living.

Owners and Servants considers the human potentials and pitfalls of owning and maintaining robots.

Changing Places looks at what happens at the blurred interface between human and machine minds.

All Hail the New Flesh waves goodbye to the physical boundaries that once separated machines from their human creators.

Succession considers the future of human and machine consciousnesses – in so far as we might have one.

With 100 stories spanning an order of magnitude more pages, Simon Ings's We, Robots is the new overlord of all robot literary compendiums. Welcome it.

Simon Ings is the author of eight previous novels and two works of non-fiction, including the Baillie Gifford longlisted Stalin and the Scientists. His debut novel Hot Head was widely acclaimed. He is the arts editor of New Scientist magazine and splits his time between a sweltering penthouse in Dubai (not his) and possibly the coldest flat in London. @simonings

Ings is highly respected and acclaimed SF fiction author as well as the arts editor for New Scientist.

Part of HoZ's bestselling anthology collection.

Features stories from 1837 to present day, including some non-fiction pieces.

MARKET: Black Mirror anthologies; More Human than Human ed. by Neil Clarke.

A glorious delve into the many guises of robots and artificial intelligences. There is a wealth and a range in the stories that have clearly been chosen with some thought... This book is a joy and a triumph. There's nothing artificial about this one – We, Robots shows us a book not afraid to show us the genre's past but more importantly where it is going. Recommended most highly, and definitely one of my books of the year' SFF World

We, Robots: Artificial Intelligence in 100 Stories is the new cyborg overlord of literary compendiums... The scope and variety of this short story collection is impressive' Independent

'Simon Ings goes into orbit as a science fiction master' Daily Mail.
'Entertaining and intelligent' Time Out, Hot Head.
'Both intriguing and unsettling. You should read Simon Ings' iD Magazine.
'Simon Ings, my telepathic abilities tell me, has a serious career ahead of him' Guardian.
'A grim, gripping and unrelenting tale'
Irish Independent, on Painkillers

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