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Death by Nature?
14 Sep 2023 * EBOOK * £9.99 * 9781788547680

Biologist and broadcaster Ben Garrod combs the natural world for causes, clues and cures to the dangerous threat of zoonoses – diseases passed from animals to humans.

Non Fiction / RNK (Science)
Extent: 256 pages
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Also by Ben Garrod
Death by Nature?: Understanding Wildlife Diseasesby Ben Garrod

When we make Nature ill – it makes us ill.

With the ever-increasing impacts of climate change, habitat destruction, global population and the unsustainable farming of livestock, it seems all too likely that deadly zoonotic diseases will shape the 21st century. We think of dangerous widlife as the fin of the shark cutting through the shallows or the tiger hunting its prey, but the greater threat comes from the microscopic killers passed from animals to humans.

Taking this major human health issue and exploring it from the perspective of a biologist, Death by Nature? combs the natural world for causes, clues and cures to some of the greatest threats we face.

Each chapter includes exclusive interviews from leading professionals: scientists, conservationists and virus hunters all on the front line of discovering and combatting these diseases. We need to understand wildlife diseases. Now may be our last chance to reset economies, restore degraded land, make our cities cleaner and conserve biodiversity.

Ben Garrod is Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Science Engagement at the University of East Anglia. He broadcasts regularly on TV and radio and is trustee and ambassador of a number of key conservation organisations. His previous books include So You Think You Know About... Dinosaurs? and The Chimpanzee and Me, published by Zephyr. Twitter/Instagram: @Ben_garrod

Exclusive interviews from leading professionals including scientists, virus hunters, conservationists and law enforcement teams on the front line of combating these diseases.

Zoonotic pandemics have become an immediate reality for us all. The book's topic is now of interest to everyone; extremely relevant and important.

This is not a 'Covid' bandwagon book, but a much wider exploration of deadly wildlife diseases.

MARKET: The Premonition: A Pandemic Story, Spillover; The Viral Storm; Pandemic; The Pandemic Century.

'Garrod writes flawlessly with his own unique blend of well-honed skill as a scientist as well as the contagious curiosity and endless exploratory mindset usually reserved for children' BBC World Wildlife.
'There is lots of dino non-fiction around, but TV scientist and biologist Garrod shines a fresh, contemporary light on this ever-popular topic' The Bookseller.
'This series is a celebration of everything that science is really about... Leaving [children] with a passion for more dino-knowledge and a lasting impression that science is for everyone'
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