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Head of Zeus
01 Jan 2018 * EBOOK * £6.99 * 9781788542289

Set in eleventh-century London and Normandy and the present day, a dramatic retelling of the enigmatic Bayeux Tapestry that unfolds an ancient mystery.

Fiction / FV (Historical Fiction)
Extent: 267 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
3 Great Historical Novels
The Silver Thread
The Secret of the Ninth Stone
Also by Kylie Fitzpatrick
Tapestryby Kylie Fitzpatrick

Set in eleventh-century London and Normandy and in the present day, Tapestry tells the story of the origin of the famous and enigmatic Bayeux Tapestry. Told from the point of view of two women who lived nine centuries apart: Leofgyth, an eleventh-century embroiderer who works in the court of Edward the Confessor, and Madeleine, a twenty-first century professor of Medieval History. Between them, the dramatic story of the end of Saxon England unfolds and an ancient mystery is solved.

Kylie Fitzpatrick was born in Denmark and grew up in England, America and Australia. She has worked as a researcher and script editor and now teaches creative writing at Bath Spa University. She is the author of The Silver Thread, Tapestry and The Secret of the Ninth Stone, and has been published in eleven languages.

First published in Germany (2002).

Published in Spain, Sweden, Holland, the Czech Republic and Poland.

A Creative Writing tutor at Bath Spa University.

MARKET: Stef Penney; Kate Grenville.

'A novel of genuine power and conviction' Sunday Times.
'Impressively researched and closely imagined. An exciting, spirited and ambitious tale' Andrew Miller, Costa-winner, Pure.
'Fitzpatrick's world is well-researched and many-hued' For Books'

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