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Head of Zeus
The Time Traveller and the Tiger
01 Oct 2020 * EBOOK * £5.99 * 9781788541695

Face to face with the mightiest and most majestic predator in the jungle, Elsie is in awe of the tiger's beauty. She's on a mission to have the adventure of a lifetime, save the tiger and change the future.

Fiction / YFC (Children’s Fiction)
Extent: 256 pages
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The Time Traveller and the TigerTania Unsworth

Face to face with the mightiest and most majestic predator in the jungle, Elsie is in awe of the tiger's beauty. She's on a mission to have the adventure of a lifetime, save the tiger and change the future. With echoes of Tom's Midnight Garden, Tania Unsworth writes about transcendent friendships and conservation in the animal kingdom.

Elsie is not looking forward to the long summer holiday with her creaky, old Uncle John. But then the unimaginable happens as Time unravels and Elsie tumbles back to 1940s India to meet her Uncle John as a young boy on a tiger hunt. Can Elsie stop him from doing what he's already told her is a wrong he can never right?

The Time Traveller and the Tiger is a multi-layered novel for 9-12 year-olds, rich in adventure, mystery, historical and conservation themes.

Tania Unsworth spent her childhood in Cambridge before moving to America in her early twenties. She comes from a literary, Booker Prize-winning family of writers and lives in Boston, USA, with her husband and two sons. @TaniaUnsworth1.

Fourth novel by Tania Unsworth following the widely praised Sunday Times Book of the Week, The Girl Who Thought her Mother was a Mermaid.

Exquisite writing and perfect plotting blending back to the future time travel, friendship and conservation.

9-12 fiction is booming and this is the best there is: rich in adventure,mystery,history and with a conservation call to arms.

CBMC code: D3F79

MARKET: Eva Ibbotson; Katherine Rundell; Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce.

'Spine-tinglingly good, best time-travel novel since Tom's Midnight Garden with added excitement of India and stopping tragedy. Enthralling and prize-worthy', Amanda Craig, author of The Golden Rule

'Themes of conservation and family mystery are woven into a deeply satisfying adventure', Fiona Noble, The Bookseller

'The writing is sophisticated and memorable and will keep older readers thoroughly engaged ... This is an atmospheric adventure story with a strong message about the importance of conservation', BookTrust

'A classic adventure, worth reading alone for the transporting evocation of the mighty, beautiful, much misunderstood creature at its heart', Piers Torday, author of The Frozen Sea.

'A beautifully written and thought-provoking mix of adventure, time travel and historical story with strong, engaging characters and themes of friendship, righting wrongs, and conservation ... The story is full of fast-paced action and atmospheric description of the natural world, keeping readers' attention throughout', Books for Keeps.

'Unsworth presents the reader with a vivid evocation of colonial India, which is rich with detail of the animal and plant life that dominate the jungle ... [The] plot involving Elsie's invented heroine provides a rich relatable subtext that helps the reader draw connections between the historic events and the unfolding contemporary climate and conservation crisis', Irish Times.

'A beautiful tale of magic and fantasy, interwoven with the gritty reality of 1940s India becoming independent from the British. The prose describing the countryside in India is mesmerising, the mystery of the tigers intriguing. The friendship between the three explores social injustice, and gender inequality while allowing each character their hero's journey. It is an accessible read that any child interesting in conservation will love', The School Librarian.

'[A] powerful and magical story ... I love the combination of historical fiction, magic, mystery, colour and care for animals ... A moving story to help us think about love and loss and the repercussions of our actions', Juno Magazine.

'A very educational, challenging read and asks some often very difficult questions about the human-animal relationships ... It's a very original story and it kept me glued to it', My Book Corner.

'An excellent adventure story', Books for Topics.

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