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Head of Zeus
The Girl on the Doorstep
07 Aug 2018 * EBOOK * £2.99 * 9781788541480

A novel of triumph over adversity set in the heart of a Black Country community. Orphan Rosie Harris was found and raised by Maria, a Romany gypsy. As she grows older, she discovers she has 'second sight', but it doesn't help when she falls in love...

Fiction / FT (Saga)
Extent: 272 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
The Workhouse Children
The Wives' Revenge
The Lost Sisters
The Orphan Girl
Also in A Black Country Novel series
The Girl on the Doorstep: from the bestselling author of The Workhouse ChildrenA Black Country Novel, 5by Lindsey Hutchinson

Left an orphan, five-year-old Rosie Harris is found and raised by Maria, a Romany gypsy. Life on the road is hard, but the little girl soon feels one of the tribe with the travellers.

As she grows older, Rosie realises she has 'second sight' and is able to read people's palms and see into their futures. Needing to make a living of her own, she befriends the canal folk, known as the 'cut-rats' traversing the Black Country waterways with their cargo, and so offers readings to anyone who can pay.

Pursued by Jake Harding, a Romany bandolier who wants her for his wife, Rosie instead finds herself falling in love with a married man. And despite growing ominous signs that her future may be cursed, Rosie can't quite break away from the dream of a happily ever after...

Lindsey Hutchinson is a master storyteller, and her Black Country sagas are heart-breaking, uplifting and truly addictive.

Lindsey lives in Shropshire with her husband and dog. She loves to read and has recently discovered photography. She is the daughter of million-copy bestselling author Meg Hutchinson.

Perfect for fans of Josephine Cox and Lyn Andrews.

From the daughter of million-copy bestselling author Meg Hutchinson.

MARKET: Josephine Cox; Lyn Andrews.

'A great story with a great mix of characters, well written and keeps you hooked with each page turn!' Sarah Davies, NetGalley

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