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The Wellness Rebel
05 Apr 2018 * HARDBACK * £20.00 * 9781786697615

The complete guide to sorting nutrition fact from fiction using evidence-based science and delicious recipes.

Non Fiction / WBH (Cookery)
Extent: 320 pages  Format: 190 x 190 mm Illus: Photos
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
The Wellness RebelPlantbased Pixie

The healthy eating market continues to thrive, with authors like Joe Wicks seeing recordbreaking sales for accessible healthy eating books. In recent months, however, there has been a backlash against certain healthy lifestyle brands, particularly those without scientific qualifications who promote 'clean eating'. The Wellness Rebel explores the aftermath of this, looking at where balanced healthy eating will go next and how we can get back to evidence-based basics and enjoy eating well.

With each chapter themed around a common healthy food misconception such as 'Alkaline', 'Raw' and 'Superfoods?', The Wellness Rebel explores the basics of nutrition in an accessible and entertaining way, with Pixie sharing her tips, tricks and tastiest recipes – including her much-loved Pixie Plates – for a truly healthy diet, with no detoxes, no elimination diets, no restrictions – and absolutely no BS.

Plantbased Pixie is a food blogger, biochemist (BSc), nutritionist (MSc) (AfN), writer, and speaker. She has also been featured at many events, in various publications and on BBC World News and Channel 5 as a nutritional expert.

The author is an AfN Associate Nutritionist (ANutr).

The author has 121,000 followers on Instagram.

Includes 70 delicious recipes and beautiful photos.

Handy gift-size instagram format.

MARKET: Joe Wicks; Deliciously Ella; Hemsley + Hemsley; The Angry Chef.

'Finally there is a book about eating well that is accessible, smart and written by someone who actually knows what they are talking about. Pixie manages to strip away the bullshit that surrounds diet and health, replacing it with facts, balance and a long overdue call to re-engage with food. This is the book that the world of wellness desperately needs', Anthony Warner, the Angry Chef

'A manifesto for happy, sensible eating: to encourage us to respect science, to relax and, crucially, to find pleasure in food', Stella Magazine

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