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Why Vote Leave
Extent: minutes
How We Invented Freedom & Why It Matters
Also by Daniel Hannan
Daniel Hannan has been Conservative MEP for South East England since 1999. His speech against Gordon Brown in 2010 is the most watched political video in Britain. He blogs regularly at and for the Daily Telegraph.

Author is a regular contributor to the Daily Mail, Telegraph and .

Winner of a Paddy Power Political Book Award.

'Invaluable' Boris Johnson. 'A must-read' Lord Owen.

'An eye-opener' Frederick Forsyth. 'Powerful, intelligent and hard-hitting' Professor Andrew Roberts.

'The perfect book for someone who wants to hear a calm, clear set of reasons for leaving the EU' Baroness Jones. 'By far the best book setting out all European issues in topical form' Daily Telegraph.

'I defy anyone who is undecided on the EU to read this book and not be a convinced Leaver. The case against EU membership is not Left-wing or Right-wing: it's democratic. Daniel Hannan shows how bright the UK's future will be once we leave behind the corporatist racket in Brussels' Kate Hoey. 'The case against the EU should be made in positive, optimistic and internationalist terms. Daniel Hannan has done us a favour by making the democratic and economic case for independence. If you're undecided, this book might surprise you' Helena Morrissey.

'The best book on the subject of the big decision Britons have to face on June 23' (5 stars) Weekend Sport. 'An easy read and well argued' Sunday Times.