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Head of Zeus
01 Dec 2016 * EBOOK * £4.99 * 9781784978969

The search for a missing child reveals she is not the only one.

Fiction / FH (Thrillers)
Extent: 227 pages
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Also by Monty Marsden
Missing: A gripping serial killer thrillerby Monty Marsden

The search for a missing child reveals she is not the only one... A gripping serial killer thriller for fans of Angela Marsons and Jeffrey Deaver.

In a little village in Lombardy, it's a cold November morning when Ami steps out of her house to go to school... and never comes back. As soon as her father raises the alarm, a frantic search begins. The investigation is led by Police Commissioner Sensi. His men immediately find a trail to follow, but it soon proves to lead nowhere. Three months later, Police Commissioner Sensi decides to visit Dr Claps, an old friend and a renowned criminologist, who guesses from his first few words the real reason for the visit. It's not just about Ami; she's not the only little girl to have disappeared.

What people are saying about MISSING:

'A brilliant gripping book I couldn't put down. It's going to be frustrating to wait for the next one!'

'Full of twists and turns, red herrings and an ending I never guessed'

'Kept me reading to the small hours, very enjoyable'

'I am not sure I am sufficiently experienced at reviewing to actually do this book justice, it was brilliant'

Monty Marsden, a Tuscan by birth, grew up in Milan, where he studied medicine and still works. He lives in the province of Bergamo, with his wife and four children.

The first in a two-part series.

By a bestselling Italian author.

Available for the first time in English.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel... It held my attention with various twists and turns and I read it in one sitting' Elaine Tomasso, NetGalley

'A gripping page turn from beginning to end' Karen Whittard, NetGalley

Marsden does a wonderful job of luring the reader into the story and holding their attention until the bitter end... stunning' Book Reviews to Ponder

'An absolutely fantastic read with brilliant characters. I was gripped from start to finish. 5*' Sue Wallace, NetGalley

'5 Stars. I truly enjoyed the tightness of the plot, the well-written characters, and the suspense was just the right amount' Joyce Fox, NetGalley

'An entertaining thriller packed with multiple red herrings and plenty of twists that keep the reader guessing right to the very end. 5 out of 5 stars' Nicki Richards, NetGalley

Brilliant... The ending of this novel blew my mind' Clues and Reviews

Excellent murder mystery with a different hero from the usual... Builds to a good denouement and twist in the tail!' Wallace Leicester, NetGalley

This crime thriller has a freshness to it... Five Stars' Karen Murphy, NetGalley

'Five out of five stars' Random Ramblings of a Writer

Fantastic book... plenty of twists and turns' Audrey Semple, NetGalley

Five stars from me... a brilliant plot' Cheryl Bellingham, NetGalley

'A new twist on what could have been a predictable plot. Well written and exciting' Julie Hosford, NetGalley

'A great thriller, plenty twists, good characters and a good plot' Martha Brindley, NetGalley

'Marsden handles the violence in a much more delicate manner without diminishing the suspense in the story line' Susan Berg, NetGalley

For a debut, this was a remarkable, stunning book... an intriguing read. If you enjoy police procedurals, thrillers or mysteries, I recommend' I Heart Reading

This is apparently the author's debut novel?!!... Just when you think you have nailed the right person, the story shifts beautifully. 5 stars' Tracy Quarrell, NetGalley

'It's hard to put this book down. The story unfolds with a regular heartbeat, red herrings abound, and there’s a twist or two in the tail (which fooled me)' Phillip White, NetGalley

'A well-written thriller that kept me engaged throughout' Lisa Kukonik, NetGalley

'Interesting and gripping' Snjezana (Snow) Sute, NetGalley

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