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Head of Zeus
An Indecent Proposal
01 Dec 2016 * EBOOK * £3.99 * 9781784978921

A sensual and disarming story of a love triangle and an indecent proposal...

Fiction / FR (Romance)
Extent: 235 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
An Indecent Proposal: A sultry story of love and lustby Julia Ross

The sensual, disarming story of a love triangle and an indecent proposal...

With a failed relationship behind her, 25-year-old Sara decides she has nothing to lose and accepts a new job in Switzerland.

Feeling lost in her new surroundings she's befriended by her work colleagues Leo and Oscar. Blue-eyed, fair-haired Leo is gentle and sensitive. Oscar, his best friend, is the opposite: dark-haired, brown-eyed, and direct to the point of brusqueness; to her surprise she feels strongly attracted to them both.

They make her a proposition – a long, no strings attached weekend in Barcelona, going along with anything they suggest.

But what happens in Spain leads Sara to find it impossible to keep to their agreement...

Julia Ross was born in Milan in 1981. After taking a degree in biotechnology she went on to do a doctorate in immunology. Alongside her scientific research she has always cultivated her passions for music and writing.

Written by one of Italy's bestselling authors.

Available for the first time in English.

'Interesting premise for a complicated coming-of-age love triangle' Lisa Maher, NetGalley

'It is a book that challenges your thought processes, makes you reflect and makes you want to read on' Jo Brown, NetGalley

Had a twist that delighted me... More by the author please!' Krystina Bentley, NetGalley

'The storyline is stellar, 100% recommend!' Megan Heenan, NetGalley

'By the last few chapters I couldn't put it down' Charity Daugherty, NetGalley

'The storyline had me hooked from the start, not to mention hot under the collar in places' Pauline Norris, NetGalley

'A unique story, good plot and characters' Lori Belcher, NetGalley

Wow loved it... If erotica is your genre then you're bound to enjoy this novel... a must read' Amy Leigh Risdale, NetGalley

Wow... The perfectly drawn out love triangle, the passion, anger, regret and doubts accompanying all of it... This really was a rollercoaster of emotions and I think I'm going to re-read this book several times!' Mieke Bijns, NetGalley

'This book was great and I loved that it was set in Europe. I felt the love triangle situation was well written and I enjoyed all of the characters!' Paige Anna, NetGalley

I did like this story very much, it had me from the first page to the last... The romance was delicious' Emma Davis, NetGalley

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