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Head of Zeus
01 Jun 2017 * HARDBACK * £18.99 * 9781784977856

Continuing Graham Hurley's series charting the shadowy and often lethal pas de deux between rival Allied and German intelligence services during World War II.

Fiction / FHD (Thrillers)
Extent: 400 pages  Format: 228 x 145 mm
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
Raid 42
Last Flight to Stalingrad
Raid 42
Also in Spoils of War series
AuroreSpoils of Warby Graham Hurley

'Historical fiction of a high order' The Times

Barely half of the Bomber Command's aircrews survive a full tour, but wireless operator Billy Angell has beaten the odds and completed his 30th – and final – mission. Now, Billy is due two-weeks leave, a posting to a training squadron and a six-month exemption from active duty.

Except that MI5 need an airman to drop into Nazi-occupied France.

MI5 are interested in Hélène Lafosse, a Frenchwoman keeping unusual company in her small family château in the depths of the Touraine. Hélène has begun an affair with a senior Abwehr intelligence officer, who, in return, has turned a blind eye to the succession of Jews, refugees, resistance fighters and downed Allied airmen to whom she offers shelter. MI5 believe they can exploit this relationship and plant a false lead about the anticipated allied invasion of northern France.

It falls to Billy, playing a downed airman, to find Hélène, to win her confidence and to plant a lie that will only make sense to her German lover. But this time, Billy isn't flying at 20,000 feet and he won't be able to escape the incendiary consequences of his actions.

'Hurley's capable and understated characterization makes his lead's story plausible and engaging' PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

Graham Hurley is the author of the acclaimed Faraday and Winter crime novels and an award-winning TV documentary maker. Two of the critically lauded series have been shortlisted for the Theakston's Old Peculier Award for Best Crime Novel. His thriller Finisterre, set in 1944, was shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize.

Known for his critically acclaimed police procedurals Hurley continues his successful new series of historical thrillers.

Robert Harris style: asks of history 'what if?'

MARKET: Robert Harris; Guy Saville; Alan Furst.

'Hurley is now firmly at the top, with few rivals in this genre' Sunday Telegraph

'An accomplished author of stand-alone thrillers and this is one of his finest. Beautifully constructed' Daily Mail

'Hurley has written a cracking thriller' The Times

'An excellent writer' Sunday Express

'Hurley brings an almost noirlike sensibility to the surprising finale' Booklist

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