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Love to Hate You
01 Jun 2016 * EBOOK * £2.99 * 9781784977504

Jennifer and Ian have known each other for seven years and always been at war – until one day they are forced to work together…

Fiction / FR (Romance)
Extent: 259 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
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What's Love Got To Do With It?
Mad About You
You Drive Me Crazy
Until Love Do Us Part
Stuck with You
Also by Anna Premoli
Love to Hate You: A fun, feisty romanceby Anna Premoli

Can your worst enemy become the love of your life? A fun, feisty, feel-good romance for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot.

Jennifer and Ian have known each other for seven years. They are leaders of two different teams in the same London bank, and are constantly engaged in a running battle to be number one.

Ian is a handsome, wealthy and sought-after bachelor; Jennifer is a feisty, independent lawyer. When they are thrown together to work on the same project, Ian makes Jenny an offer she can't refuse: to have free reign of their rich client if she pretends to be his girlfriend.

Soon, it becomes more and more difficult to tell the difference between fiction and reality...

What readers are saying about LOVE TO HATE YOU:

'A light-hearted novel about love, (im)possibilities and challenges in the workplace' Tu Style.

'Anna Premoli, for me, is the best of the genre. This book made me laugh and fall in love – I read it four times!'

'I loved this novel from beginning to end ... If you want a book that is fun and romantic at the same time, I would definitely recommend it.'

'A beautiful love story ... I read it in just two days!'

Anna Premoli is a bestselling author in Italy. She began writing to relieve stress while working as a financial consultant for a private bank. Her novel, Love to Hate You won the Bancarella prize in 2013.

Winner of the Bancarella prize in 2013.

Written by one of Italy's bestselling authors.

More than 300,000 copies sold.

Available for the first time in English.

'Hilarious romantic comedy that kept me captivated throughout' Chicklit Club

'Entertaining and different. I love the originality of her conversations ... The story is absolutely hilarious' With Love for Books

'I loved this book! It was funny, filled with wit and cuteness' Thalita Domingues, Goodreads

'A truly enjoyable read' Lauren Anderson, NetGalley

'A fun and exciting read that I couldn't put down ... I loved the writing style and will check out some more stuff that Anna has written' Shannon Braithwaite, NetGalley

'Great, fun read!' Teresa Steele, NetGalley

'Funny, refreshing and sweet!' Amy Sullivan, NetGalley

'I loved every second of reading this book' Thoughts Before Breakfast

'Perfect for an after work or afternoon read in the garden' Kathleen Grey, NetGalley

'I could not get enough of this book ... the perfect chick lit for the summer' Novelista Blogs

'Fun, witty and entertaining! Four and a half stars from me!' Rae Reads

'Fab read' Jessica Nipper, NetGalley

'So much fun!' Lilac Mills, NetGalley

'A brilliant, feisty and fun read ... Engaging and funny with a big dollop of romance on top' Lisa Talks About

'A fun love story amidst an entertaining battle of wits!' Julie Frey, NetGalley

'Simply loved this book from the first page' Lata Sunil, NetGalley

'Loved it; such a sweet love story' Sarah Clay, NetGalley

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