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Head of Zeus
The First Poets
11 Aug 2016 * HARDBACK * £25 * 9781784975975

A lively and accessible account of the lives and works of the great Greek poets.

Non Fiction / BGL (Biography)
Extent: 416 pages  Format: 234 x 153 mm
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Now in November
Delta Wedding
Heaven's My Destination
The Stone Angel
The Council of Egypt
Bosnian Chronicle
South Wind
The Man Who Loved Children
My Son, My Son
Also by Michael Schmidt
The First Poets: Lives of the Ancient Greek Poetsby Michael Schmidt

A dazzling literary exploration by acclaimed poet and critic Michael Schmidt, The First Poets brings to life the great Greek poets who gave our poetic tradition its first bearings and whose works have had an enduring influence on our literature and our imagination.

Starting with the legendary Orpheus and the possibly mythical Homer, Schmidt conjures a host of our literary forebears. From Hipponax, 'the dirty old man of poetry', to Theocritus, the father of pastoral; from Sappho, who threw herself from a cliff for love, to Hesiod, who claimed a visit from the Muses – the stories in The First Poets masterfully merge fact and conjecture into animated and compelling portraits of our cultural ancestors.

'Every poet should buy a copy of this book to keep on their bookshelves. And, when the occasion arises, they should throw it at the cynic who may try to ignore or demean them' Independent.

Michael Schmidt is the founder of Carcanet Press and the general editor of PN Review. He was until recently Professor of Poetry at the University of Glasgow. He has also been Writer in Residence at St John's College, Cambridge.

From the author of Lives of the Poets.

Schmidt is a foremost expert on the history of poetry.

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