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Head of Zeus
The Sunset Warrior
01 Jun 2015 * EBOOK * £4.99 * 9781784972745

In an underground world, a rogue swordsman fights to save civilization.

Fiction / FM (Fantasy)
Extent: 254 pages
Exclusive: GB AU NZ IN ZA SG   Not for sale: CA US
Shallows Of Night
Dai San
Beneath An Opal Moon
Dragons On The Sea Of Night
Also in The Sunset Warrior Cycle series
The Sunset WarriorThe Sunset Warrior Cycle, 1by Eric Van Lustbader

Ronin calls no man master. He is the finest swordsman of the Freehold, as sharp and deadly as his blade. And as he discovers the dark inner workings of the underground city, this bold warrior refuses to pledge himself to any of its rulers; the powerful Saardin.

Forced to flee the crumbling shelter, Ronin and his lover K'reen, are swept into a maelstrom of treachery, violence, and sudden death. Their only hope to save mankind lies in the lost scroll of the Ancients. A desperate search for it leads Ronin down to the very bowels of the earth where no Freeholder has ventured for centuries, and up again, beyond the barrier of the underground city, to the long-lost land above the earth's frozen crust.

Eric Van Lustbader is the author of twenty-five international bestsellers, as well as twelve Jason Bourne novels, including The Bourne Enigma and The Bourne Initiative. His books have been translated into over twenty languages. He lives with his wife in New York City and Long Island.

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