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Head of Zeus
Run to Him
24 Nov 2014 * EBOOK * £1.99 * 9781784971106

A wonderful Christmas story, set in the Irish Catholic community of the Four Streets in Liverpool.

Fiction / FT (Saga)
Extent: 70 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
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Run to Himby Nadine Dorries

It is Christmas morning in 1964. For nurse Fionnuala Kennedy, it is work as usual. As she trudges through the cold streets to catch her bus, Fionnuala thinks of the secret which she has been keeping from her beloved mother and father – and of how on earth she is going to break it to them.

She promises herself that she will do it that very evening, when she gets back home. None of the hospital staff are expecting very much to disturb their routine – it is Christmas Day, after all. And indeed, Fionnuala's morning at the hospital begins quietly enough, but then all hell breaks loose, and she is faced with an emergency to rock her world to its foundations.

Join the characters from THE FOUR STREETS in this heartwarming short story from bestselling author Nadine Dorries.

The Rt Hon. Nadine Dorries grew up in a working-class family in Liverpool. She spent part of her childhood living on a farm with her grandmother, and attended school in a small remote village in the west of Ireland. She trained as a nurse, then followed with a successful career in which she established and then sold her own business. She is an MP, presently serving as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and has three daughters.

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