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Head of Zeus
Ruby Flynn
03 Dec 2015 * TRADE PAPERBACK * £12.99 * 9781784082192

The enthralling story of one Irish family, haunted by ancient wrongs.

Fiction / FT (Saga)
Extent: 336 pages  Format: 228 x 145 mm
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Coming Home to the Four Streets
The Angels Of Lovely Lane
The Children of Lovely Lane
The Mothers of Lovely Lane
Christmas Angels
Snow Angels
The Four Streets
The Four Streets
Hide Her Name
Hide Her Name
The Ballymara Road
The Ballymara Road
Shadows In Heaven
Mary Kate
The Velvet Ribbon
Also by Nadine Dorries
Ruby Flynnby Nadine Dorries

The darkest sin casts the longest shadow... RUBY FLYNN, set in Ireland and Liverpool, is the enthralling story of a family haunted by ancient wrongs.

The FitzDeanes are wealthy. They have Ballyford Castle in Ireland and a growing shipping business in Liverpool. But Lady FitzDeane is unable to provide an heir. All of her five boys have died in infancy. There are whispers that the family is cursed – punished for a terrible mistake long buried in the past.

When young Ruby Flynn, an orphan reared and educated by nuns, arrives at Ballyford to work as a nursery maid, she cannot shake the feeling that she has been there before. But when?

Soon rumours and strong emotions are swirling around the beautiful girl with red hair, green eyes – and a mysterious past. Who is she really? And what will her arrival mean for this powerful family, riven by tragedy?

The Rt Hon. Nadine Dorries grew up in a working-class family in Liverpool. She spent part of her childhood living on a farm with her grandmother, and attended school in a small remote village in the west of Ireland. She trained as a nurse, then followed with a successful career in which she established and then sold her own business. She is an MP, presently serving as Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, and has three daughters.

'A riveting tale packed full of history, love and deceit from the bestselling author of The Four Streets' OK! Magazine

'A dark, realistic, moving portrait of life back in the day' Kimberley Chambers

Truly engaging to read... a stunning family saga from the bestselling author of The Four Streets Trilogy... This is the kind of story that you get completely wrapped up in' Bookshelf Butterfly

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