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The Romanovs - Box Set
03 Apr 2013 * EBOOK * £8.99 * 9781781855669

The complete collection of Massie's Pulitzer-winning biographies -- an extraordinary chronicle of imperial Russia and the story of the Romanovs.

Non Fiction / BGH (Biography)
Extent: 2188 pages
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Castles of Steel
Catherine the Great
Peter the Great
Nicholas and Alexandra
The Romanovs: The Final Chapter
Also by Robert K. Massie
The Romanovs - Box Set: Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Nicholas and Alexandra: The story of the Romanovsby Robert K. Massie

Against a monumental backdrop of fabulous splendour, intrigue and barbaric cruelty, unfolds a powerful drama of passion and history. This is the story of the Romanovs, from the Tsar who brought Russia from darkness into light, to one of the greatest female rulers in history, and ultimately to the death-marked royals who watched their empire crumble.

PETER THE GREAT: Crowned at the age of 10, Peter embodied the greatest strengths and weaknesses of Russia while being at the very forefront of her development.

CATHERINE THE GREAT: In 1762, Catherine rode out of St Petersburg at the head of an army to arrest her husband. Three months later, at the age of just 33, she became sole empress of the largest empire on earth.

NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDRA: The story of Nicholas's political naivete, Alexandra's obsession with the corrupt mystic Rasputin, and little Alexis's brave struggle with haemophilia.

Robert K. Massie was born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1929. He studied American History at Yale University and Modern European History at Oxford University, which he attended as a Rhodes scholar. He lives in Irvington, New York.

'A biographer with the instincts of a novelist' New York Times

'A masterful, intimate and tantalising portrait of a majestic monarch' Publishers Weekly

'A sensitive and compelling portrait not just of a Russian titan, but also of a flesh-and-blood woman' Newsweek

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