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Head of Zeus
Gate of the Dead
11 Feb 2016 * TRADE PAPERBACK * £14.99 * 9781781852910

Tuscany, 1358. Mercenary Thomas Blackstone is recalled from Italy to serve the English crown once more. It will cost him dear.

Fiction / FJH (Action & Adventure)
Extent: 496 pages  Format: 228 x 145 mm
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Gate of the DeadMaster of War, 3by David Gilman

'A gripping chronicle of pitched battle, treachery and cruelty' ROBERT FABBRI.

Tuscany, 1358: Thomas Blackstone has built a formidable reputation in exile, fighting as a mercenary amid the ceaseless internecine warring of Italy's City States. But success has bred many enemies, and when a dying man delivers a message recalling him to England, it seems almost certain to be a trap. Yet Blackstone cannot disobey – the summons is at the Queen's demand.

On his journey, Blackstone will brave the terrors of the High Alps in winter, face the Black Prince in tournament, confront the bloody anarchy of a popular revolt and submit to trial by combat.

And every step of the way, he will be shadowed by a notorious assassin with orders to despatch him to Hell.

David Gilman enjoyed many careers – including firefighter, paratrooper and photographer – before turning to writing full time. He is an award-winning author and screenwriter.

The third book in an epic 100 Years' War series.

'I'm totally bedazzled. The suspense is ratcheted up to a truly brutal level – it is impossible for a reader to predict what will be coming next' Sharon Penman

'Page-turning and gritty' Daily Mail

'Gilman does heart pounding action superlatively' The Times

'The 100 Years' War is the new Rome for historical adventure novels' Ben Kane

'Like a punch from a mailed fist, Master of War gives a true taste of the Hundred Years War. It is a gripping chronicle of pitched battle, treachery and cruelty. The stench and harshness of medieval life is ever present' Robert Fabbri, bestselling author of the Vespasian series

'A very original and real picture of the time, no gloss of modern sensibility is added to this fantastic tale of personal growth in bloody times' Parmenion Books

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