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Head of Zeus
Dead Man's Steel
01 Dec 2016 * EBOOK * £6.99 * 9781781851623

The Age of Ruin is near complete: the Fade have returned to cleanse humanity from the land. But a greater threat faces them both as an ancient enemy descends from the North.

Fiction / FM (Fantasy)
Extent: 480 pages
Exclusive: GB AU NZ IN ZA SG   Not for sale: CA US
The Grim Company
Sword Of The North
Also in The Grim Company series
Dead Man's SteelThe Grim Company, 3by Luke Scull

The final instalment in the critically acclaimed Grim Company trilogy.

The Age of Ruin is near complete.

In the far North the Nameless stirs beneath the Spine Mountains and demonspawn push ever southwards; from the West the Fade have returned, vowing to purge the realm of humankind; and an ancient weapon, forged in the Godswar, has once again been unleashed to ravage the land.

Weakened by in-fighting, the surviving Magelords are unable – or unwilling – to use their power to defend humanity. The last spark of hope rests with the surviving members of the Grim Company: Davarus Cole, Brodar Kane and Eremul the Halfmage.

What people are saying about DEAD MAN'S STEEL:

'Brilliant and I'm gutted it's ended'

'This book is a truly fantastic read of friendship, strength to conquer all trials life throws your way and, most importantly, love'

'It's a can't-put-down page turner'

'I was surprised how invested I got in the characters and how much I wanted them to succeed'.

Luke Scull is the lead designer at game design company Ossian Studios. He lives and works in Warminster.

A critically acclaimed British fantasy trilogy.

Shortlisted for the David Gemmell Morningstar.

'Darn good. I loved the gods, the magics and the world' MARK LAWRENCE.

'British writer and game designer Luke Scull concludes his trilogy with a Book 3 that contains all the magical promise of Book 1. Our noses once more submerge into a story that drags us into a world knee-deep in gore and graduated shades of baddie versus graduated shades of goody' The Bookbag

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