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Head of Zeus
Tyrant of the Mind
01 Nov 2012 * EBOOK * £4.99 * 9781781850244

A chilling mystery unfolds as greed, lust, violence and murder disrupt monastic life in 13th century England.

Fiction / FFH (Crime Fiction)
Extent: 272 pages
Exclusive: GB AU NZ IN ZA SG   Not for sale: CA US
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Also in Medieval Mystery series
Tyrant of the MindMedieval Mystery, 2by Priscilla Royal

MEDIEVAL MYSTERY: On a remote East Anglian coast stands Tyndal Priory, which belongs to the Order of Fontevraud where monks and nuns live and work in close proximity. Prioress Eleanor of Wynethorpe, young and inexperienced, has just been controversially appointed by King Henry III.

TYRANT OF THE MIND: Winter, 1271. The shadow of death falls over Castle Wynethorpe on the Welsh border. Eleanor's nephew's life hangs in the balance, and she is summoned home tend him with prayers and healing talents. But death will not be denied. The chill that pervades the castle stems not just from the bitter winter besieging it, but also from the murderous tensions that afflict its occupants. Soon after Eleanor arrives, her brother, bloody dagger in hand, is found standing over the corpse of his oldest friend.

Unable to believe that her brother is a murderer, Eleanor sets out to prove his innocence before he meets his fate on the hangman's gibbet.

Priscilla Royal was born in Seattle, grew up in British Columbia and now lives in Northern California. She has a degree in world literature from San Francisco State University and is the author of nine books in the Medieval Mysteries series.

MEDIEVAL MYSTERIES. On a remote East Anglian coast stands Tyndal Priory, which belongs to the Order of Fontevraud, a rare 'double house' where monks and nuns live and work in close proximity. Outside its cloisters, England smoulders in the waning years of Henry III's (1207-1272) reign. Simon de Montfort's rebellion has been put down but a pall of unrest still hangs over the land like smoke. The Wynethorpe family sided with the king during the rebellion and as a reward for their loyal service, twenty-year-old Eleanor of Wynethorpe has been appointed prioress of Tyndal Priory. Eleanor's arrival is resented by the nuns and monks – they had already elected their own candidate for the position. Young and inexperienced, Eleanor will face a grave struggle – in a place dedicated to love and peace, she will find little of either.

'Intriguing plot, chilling conclusion and all the potential to evolve into a series as enduring as Ellis Peters' Publishers Weekly

'Anyone who hasn't read Priscilla Royal's mysteries yet is in for a treat' Sharon Kay Penman

'A superior historical' Publishers Weekly

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