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We Are HoZ

Head of Zeus is an award-winning independent publisher of fiction, narrative nonfiction and children’s books. We are based in Clerkenwell, London, but our reach is global. We have published 93 (and counting) #1 bestsellers around the world, won 21 literary prizes and two industry awards. All our writers, whether debut author or Sunday Times bestseller, are published in digital, print and audio formats with a zeal that merges talent with tradecraft and technology. 


Head of Zeus sprung into existence on 3rd January 2012 in an attic just off Seven Dials in central London. We comprised five people, three desks and a chair. Over the next 100 days, we commissioned 100 books and published our first three titles in print and eBook in July. 

We were at the forefront of the eBook revolution. In 2013, seven Head of Zeus authors spent a total of 216 days in the top three of the bestseller chart. In 2015 we won Digital Business of the Year at the British Book Awards. The Bookseller commented: “Digitally led but with print very much in mind, Clerkenwell-based Head of Zeus might just be setting the template for trade publishers of the future to follow.”

In 2017 we won Independent Publisher of the Year. The judges said “From start-up to profitable multi-million pound business in just four years, Head of Zeus is one of the brightest stars of trade publishing – a textbook example of using e-books to get traction. But what most impressed the judges was how it has pivoted from a digital-focused list to a true hybrid... Head of Zeus is enjoying steep print growth through the TCM.”

Now ten years old, HoZ has a clear sense of identity and purpose. We are proud to be under the aegis of Bloomsbury, Britain's largest independent, we have broken the £10m sales barrier and out of our successes over the last decade we have created six sub imprints: Ad Astra for speculative fiction; Aria for romance, comedy and saga; Aries for adventure & crime fiction; Apollo for literary fiction and narrative non-fiction and Zephyr for children's books. Our hydra-head of specialist imprints will better communicate to staff, booksellers, agents, authors and readers who we are and what we do best... and allow us to compete on a global level, against the very largest conglomerates.


At the heart of HoZ are our authors. We publish writers from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Serbia and China. Our authors write biographies, crime novels, romances, popular science, thrillers, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction, cook books, children's books, contemporary and literary fiction. We have a proven track record in promoting new writers but also believe that there is no such thing as an ‘old’ book to a ‘new' audience, and have republished many ‘backlist’ or out-of-print titles to great success.


With a team of 40, Head of Zeus has in-house experts in editorial, design, production, sales, marketing, publicity and rights. We’re all avid readers who care about writing – many of us are authors in our own right. 

So far, we’ve helped 4 writers reach more than one million readers. We’ve sold over 34 million books, leading to the extravagant factoid that, assuming an average of 10 hours per book, the human race has spent some 40 millennia reading HoZ books. 

We specialise in subjects and categories where we know we can excel and earn recognition as a market leader -- whether medieval history or historical adventure, saga or SF, children's fiction or nature writing. 


Born in the digital age, we’ve been able to harness the best technologies on offer to leverage our trade expertise. We’ve designed and built our own custom bibliographic and sales reporting systems. Everyday our custom ’bot — HoZ9000 — trawls the web, reporting back on chart positions, discounts and availability. We have an unbroken record of Book Industry Communication Gold Product Data Excellence Plus awards.

We also take great pride in our printed books. From paper stock to binding materials, book ribbons to cover finishes, we invest to ensure our books look better than the competition. After all, if we can't produce beautiful books, what's the point of being a publisher?

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