Recent Press Coverage for Head of Zeus Books


The Jumping Game - Henrietta Knight
‘A fascinating treatise.’ The Spectator

Anna - Amanda Prowse
‘A unique story with events and characters we can all relate to.’ Candis

Well Seasoned - Russell Brown and Jonathan Haley
‘Brown and Haley have created a rather interesting call to arms. One can’t help but want to follow and celebrate with the foodie duo as each new month dawns.’ The Field

The Road Not Taken - Max Boot
‘A thoroughly engaging and enlightening biography.’ Military History Monthly

Grant - Ron Chernow
‘While there have been numerous biographies of Grant,… this is perhaps the best-researched and well-written volume of all.’ Military History Monthly

Grant - Ron Chernow
‘A masterful combination of research and style.’ Signature

Langrishe, Go Down - Aidan Higgins
‘Langrishe, Go Down deserves to be more widely known, not only for its extraordinary mournful beauty, but also for its apocalyptic vision of a culture’s squandering and rottenness, for its throughgoing dismantling of the Irish house of fiction, and as one of the great works of European anti-authority.’ TLS

District VIII - Adam LeBor
‘An excellent thriller, entwined with plenty of topical issues… Kovacs gives the reader insights into an alien culture that is by and large reviled, and adds an exotic note to a gripping tale.’ Crime Review

In the Dark - Andreas Pfluger
‘A polished, intelligent read with fascinating characters and a good plot.’ Crime Review

The Jumping Game - Henrietta Knight
‘This timely book should enlighten and entertain not only the racing cognoscenti, but anyone who has ever had anything to do with a horse.’ Country Life

A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars - Yaba Badoe
‘An ambitious, impressive and skilful blend of modernity, mystery and myth.’ Sunday Times, Children’s Book of the Week

Last of the Summer Moët - Wendy Holden
‘I adored Wendy Holden’s hilarious, clever and compulsively readable last book. I am thrilled to report that this second in the series is just as brilliant… Total bliss.’ Daily Mail

Anna - Amanda Prowse
‘Keep a box of tissues nearby… I loved it.’ Daily Mail

The Tangled Lands - Paolo Bacigalupi and Tobias S. Buckell
‘The Tangled Lands is a fascinating exercise in world-building; each story within the wider structure offering an explanation of a different part of Khaim.’ SciFiNow

Well Seasoned - Russell Brown and Jonathan Haley
‘A fab new book which demonstrates how to make the most of the seasonal native larder.’ Food Magazine

The Life and Death of Sherlock Holmes - Mattias Böstrom
‘Boström’s richly detailed, yet lively work is essential reading for all true Holmesians.’ Guardian

Hadrian’s Wall - Adrian Goldsworthy
‘A lucid, general introduction to the wall and its times… Goldsworthy is especially good at recreating the lives lived on it.’ Country Life

The Medici - Mary Hollingsworth
‘A beautifully illustrated and scholarly survey of five centuries of the Medici family.’ Literary Review

The Magic Lamp - Ben Okri
‘Okri’s writing has a light-as-air elegance, yet its seriousness keeps the stories gravity-bound.’ New Statesman

The Snow Angel - Lauren St John
‘In The Snow Angel Lauren St John has created amazing landscapes, peopled by extraordinary characters… Beautifully illustrated by Catherine Hyde, this is a heart-warming story of memory and loss, finding and renewal.’ The School Librarian

Caesar’s Footprints - Bijan Omrani
‘Caesar’s Footprints is a learned and romantic reflection on France’s Roman past, one suffused with affection for its present.’ TLS

Glasgow - Michael Fry
‘A really interesting book and well worth reading.’ Westender

Rex v Edith Thompson - Laura Thompson
‘In this compelling book you enter [Edith’s] world, root for her, and come out filled with rage and dismay at a society that showed her no mercy.’ Evening Standard

Estoril - Dejan Tiago-Stankoviç
‘The stories, most of them true, from Popov’s rigorous debriefings by his German intelligence handler to Alekhine’s terrible death, are extraordinary… [Estoril is] a diverting romp.’ The Sunday Times

The Tangled Lands - Paolo Bacigalupi and Tobias S. Buckell
‘The two writers do a wonderful job of maintaining the same style, creating a coherent, rounded world peopled with imperfect, believable characters… [it] is well worth the investment.’ SFX

The Tangled Lands - Paolo Bacigalupi and Tobias S. Buckell
‘The Tangled Land has no right to be as good as it is. Conceptual, morally ambiguous, and incredibly timely, [it] explores well-wrought narratives of feminism and environmental justice in a beautifully-crafted fantasy world that drips with rich lore and details at every turn.’ The Oberlin Review

Aelfred’s Britain - Max Adams
‘This is much more than a book about the Vikings versus King Alfred... [Adams'] great achievement is to cover events throughout the whole of Britain with some excursions into Ireland and Europe as well.’ TLS

Aelfred’s Britain - Max Adams
‘This is a beautifully crafted and impeccably compiled book, and one that is certainly a must-read for anyone with even a passing interest in the events and figures that moulded Britain during the reign of the Vikings.’ All About History

Cultural Dementia - David Andress
‘A bracing intellectual workout… It [is] a stimulating look at the way in which history shapes events in 2018.’ History Revealed

The Dandy at Dusk- Philip Mann
‘A fascinating study… a range of tangents make The Dandy at Dusk compelling.’ TLS

In White Ink - Elske Rahill
‘These bleak dramas are stimulating and unsettling. Their force is felt all the more powerfully through the measured precision of Rahill’s prose which is usually grounded in the exact immediacy of everyday detail. The best stories here are textured and unnerving.’ The Phoenix

After Ireland - Declan Kiberd
‘We are indebted to Kiberd for a fascinating exploration of Irish writing read against a palette of socio-political ideas and sometimes surprising insights that connect the work of a disparate selection of authors.’ Books Ireland

Ernesto - Umberto Saba
‘Mark Thompson’s elegant new translation presents a clean, rustic prose.’ TLS

Ernesto - Umberto Saba
‘[Saba’s] use of direct, unadorned language lends the work a sharp sense of immediacy, while his keen understanding of protean sexuality makes this a significant - even pioneering - work of gay literature.’ BookWitty

The Polyglots - William Gerhardie
‘[Gerhardie is] a master of ironic comedy.’ The Tablet

The Man Who Loved Children - Christina Stead
‘The Man who Loved Children offers a singular and uncompromising vision of a family in freewill and is a world of serious moral intent.’ BookWitty

The Hungry Grass - Richard Power
‘A heart-breaking aria for the unloved life… The Hungry Grass offers a remarkable elegy for squandered opportunity and has lost none of its potency in the forty years since publication.’ BookWitty

The Lost Europeans - Emanuel Litvinoff
‘A heady evocation of a city in moral stasis… Litvinoff is excellent on describing the dichotomy between Berlin’s sullen monochrome East and devil-may-care West, but it is with his intriguing melee of heroes, vagabonds and miscreants that he brings post-War Berlin dizzyingly to life.’ BookWitty

The Secret Surfer - Iain Gately
‘The Secret Surfer is hugely enjoyable - fluent and jokey but also touching.’ The Spectator

The Medici - Mary Hollingsworth
‘Lavishly illustrated in colour, clearly written and meticulously edited, this is likely to become the standard work of reference for anyone who seeks information about the members of the family that dominated Florence.’ TLS

Cow - Beat Sterchi
‘It is both captivating and mesmerising… Its pathos and meaning demand to be read and paid attention to in a world where food has never been more political.’ Irish Independent

Matchstick Man - Julia Kelly
‘[A] candid, affecting and beautifully written account of living with Alzheimer’s.’ The Bookseller

In White Ink - Elske Rahill
‘The title story stands out in the absolute precision of its rendition of a new mother’s loss of agency to her overbearing and controlling male partner.’ TLS

Grant - Ron Chernow
‘[This book] is superbly-written about a man labelled incompetent, a philistine, a boor and a drunkard, but who changed history.’ Irish Independent

Behind Her Back - Jane Lythell
‘A fascinating fictional look at what goes on behind the scenes of the entertainment world.’ My Weekly