Format: 06/2018
Format: 06/2018
Cheetham, Ben
Ben Cheetham
pA crime thriller with a unique premise: a man sets out to find a kidnapped boy... to atone for killing the boy's father./p
Blood Guilt by Ben Cheetham
Crais, Robert, Penzler, Otto
Robert Crais, Otto Penzler

Robert Crais picks 20 of the best crime stories to come out the USA in the last year.

The Best American Mystery Stories: Volume 16 by Robert Crais,  Otto Penzler
Finnis, Jane
Jane Finnis

BRITANNIA, AD 91: a raw province on the frontier of a vast Empire. Life is cheap, and as Aurelia Marcella, a young Roman settler, is about to find out, so is death…

Death in Roman Britain - Box Set by Jane Finnis
Gibson, Mary
Mary Gibson
pHeartwarming and gritty, the life and loves of a factory girl in World War One./p
Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts by Mary Gibson
Hunter, Phillip
Phillip Hunter
pA novel of vengeance and betrayal about a runaway twelve-year-old girl and her protector, Joe, a broken down ex-soldier who has turned his face from the world./p
To Die For by Phillip Hunter
Jones, Howard Andrew
Howard Andrew Jones

Two sword and sorcery novels inspired by the tales of One Thousand and One Nights.

The Chronicle of Sword & Sand - Box Set by Howard Andrew Jones
Larsen, K.J.
K.J. Larsen

Suspect your husband has had his hand up someone else's skirt? Call the Pants on Fire Detective Agency and ask for the fabulous Cat DeLuca, avenger of cheated upon women.

The Pants On Fire Detective Agency - Box Set by K.J. Larsen
Lustbader, Eric Van
Eric Van Lustbader
> Jack McClure, Book

From million-copy-bestseller Eric Van Lustbader, the first three gripping thrillers starring ATF agent Jack McClure.

Three Jack McClure Missions - Box Set by Eric Van Lustbader
Maleeny, Tim
Tim Maleeny

Two raucous, no-holds-barred crime thrillers delve deep into San Francisco's underbelly.

San Francisco Noir - Box Set by Tim Maleeny
Martel, Jay
Jay Martel
pAlien TV execs are planning a disastrous finale to their Big Brother style show, in which earth is the star. Only one man can save our planet, and he's hardly a likely hero... /p
Channel Blue by Jay Martel
Mayer, M.E.
M.E. Mayer

An new short story introducing a much-lauded mystery series set amid the splendour and squalor of sixth century Constantinople during the reign of the Emperor Justinian.

The Body in the Mithraeum by M.E. Mayer
Mayer, M.E.
M.E. Mayer

Four novels from the Death in Byzantium crime series. Set in the splendour and squalor of sixth century Constantinople following a slave who has risen to become the right hand of the great Emperor Justinian.

Death in Byzantium - Box Set by M.E. Mayer
Penman, Sharon
Sharon Penman

The first three historical crime novels from the bestselling author of LIONHEART, set in and around the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine.

The Queen's Man - Box Set by Sharon Penman
Penzler, Otto
Otto Penzler
pHave a criminally good Christmas! Yuletide whodunits starring Sherlock Holmes, Brother Cadfael, Miss Marple, Poirot, Rumpole, Inspector Morse and many more. /p
The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries by Otto Penzler
Preston, Douglas, Child, Lincoln
Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
> Agent Pendergast, Book 13
pForensic pathologist Corrie Swanson investigates a brutal crime from 136 years ago. The key to the crime may just lie in a lost Sherlock Holmes story, a tale allegedly so horrifying that its author never dared publish it. /p
White Fire by Douglas Preston,  Lincoln Child