Format: 06/2019
Format: 06/2019
Dimitri, Francesco
Francesco Dimitri

A storytelling-driven self-help book about how to reclaim wonder in our lives, and thereby achieve the good life.

That Sense of Wonder by Francesco Dimitri
O'Toole, Fintan
Fintan O'Toole

A book about the delusions of Brexit, the threat it poses to economic prosperity, peace in Ireland and the tradition of British democracy.

Heroic Failure by Fintan O'Toole
Dorries, Nadine
Nadine Dorries

Christmas is one of the most harrowing times of year for the nurses of St Angelus Hospital. A short story from Nadine Dorries.

An Angel Sings by Nadine Dorries
Goodkind, Terry
Terry Goodkind

Angela Constantine is a new kind of hero: she has the superhuman ability to recognise killers just by looking into their eyes. Follow Angela as she goes down the rabbit hole after a serial killer in the making.

Crazy Wanda by Terry Goodkind
Waterfield, Robin
Robin Waterfield

The remarkable story of the Ancient Olympic Games, narrated in invigorating style by a leading classical scholar and translator.

Olympia by Robin Waterfield
Monroe, J.S.
J.S. Monroe

A young British Asian doctor is posted to Delhi with MI6, tasked with uncovering a brutal organisation working at the heart of colonial government.

The India Spy by J.S. Monroe
Monroe, J.S.
J.S. Monroe

A man vows revenge on the terrorists who murdered his girlfriend. When he's approached by MI5 to track down the killers, he's taken deep into London's trading rooms, where mayhem reigns...

The Riot Act by J.S. Monroe
Adams, Max
Max Adams

In a fascinating journey of rediscovery, Max Adams brings to life the forgotten experiences – and voices – of some of the most extraordinary women in history.

Unquiet Women by Max Adams
Blok, Rachael
Rachael Blok

A girl's body is found in the local lake at Christmas, turning neighbour against neighbour in a close-knit community.

Under the Ice by Rachael Blok
Brookfield, Amanda
Amanda Brookfield

A memoir by bestselling fiction author Amanda Brookfield about how owning a dog was the path to taking back true ownership of herself.

For the Love of a Dog by Amanda Brookfield
Bruen, Ken
Ken Bruen

Former cop Jack Taylor is up against a vigilante assassin who goes by the name 'Silence' – and the consequences quickly become personal.

In the Galway Silence by Ken Bruen
Coulthard, Sally
Sally Coulthard

Packed with insights, outdoor fun, cultural lore and traditional wisdom, The Little Book of Snow delves into the history, science, literary and cultural heritage that surrounds snow, frost and ice.

The Little Book of Snow by Sally Coulthard
Dennison, Matthew
Matthew Dennison

The story of Kenneth Grahame, author of the children's classic Wind in the Willows, and of the vision of English pastoral that inspired it.

Eternal Boy by Matthew Dennison
Ellen, Steve, Deveny, Catherine
Steve Ellen, Catherine Deveny

Whether you have a mental illness or support someone who does, Mental offers clear practical help, empowering you with an arsenal of tips and techniques to help build your resilience.

Mental by Steve Ellen,  Catherine Deveny
Fewer, Michael
Michael Fewer

A meticulous reconstruction of those three summer days that ignited the Irish Civil War in 1922 – the defining event of modern Irish politics.

Battle of the Four Courts by Michael Fewer