Format: 09/2018
Format: 09/2018
Oldfield, Mark
Mark Oldfield

The sequel to THE SENTINEL. The critically acclaimed journey into the dark heart of Spain continues.

The Exile by Mark Oldfield
Riley, Bronwen
Bronwen Riley

An evocation of a journey from Rome, the heart of Empire, to Hadrian's Wall during the reign of the emperor Hadrian.

Journey to Britannia by Bronwen Riley
Cheetham, Anthony
Anthony Cheetham
> Great Lives, Book

A fully up to date history of England's most infamous king, Richard III, the last of the Plantagenets.

The Life and Times of Richard III by Anthony Cheetham
Scull, Luke
Luke Scull
> The Grim Company, Book 02

The City of Shades is drowned. The Grey City enslaved. The barrier between the worlds is failing and only the Magelord of the City of Towers still lives to protect her people. Until the arrival of a blind wanderer.

Sword Of The North by Luke Scull
Gately, Iain
Iain Gately

An fascinating exploration of the history and nature of commuting.

Rush Hour by Iain Gately
Jones, Nigel
Nigel Jones

A candid, sometimes shocking, biography of Rupert Brooke reveals that the very different reality behind the golden-boy facade of this English literary icon.

Rupert Brooke by Nigel Jones
Miller, David
David Miller

The 100 finest short stories ever written, collected in one gorgeous volume.

That Glimpse of Truth by David Miller
Faith, Nicholas
Nicholas Faith

A new edition of THE classic history of rail: how the 'Iron Road' turned the world upside down.

The World the Railways Made by Nicholas Faith
Bland, Christopher
Christopher Bland

An epic story, interweaving the destinies of two Irish families set against the backdrop of the turbulent twentieth century.

ashes In The Wind by Christopher Bland
Eatwell, Piu Marie
Piu Marie Eatwell

The extraordinary story of the Druce-Portland affair, one of the most notorious, tangled and bizarre legal cases of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras.

The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife and the Missing Corpse by Piu Marie Eatwell
Everitt, Anthony
Anthony Everitt

A moreishly entertaining and richly informative miscellany of facts about Rome and the Roman world.

SPQR: A Roman Miscellany by Anthony Everitt
Hunter, Phillip
Phillip Hunter

A poignant thriller about love, revenge and redemption set in the savage ganglands of East London.

To Kill For by Phillip Hunter
Lustbader, Eric Van
Eric Van Lustbader
> Shadow Warrior, Book 04

Nicholas Linnear, a shadow warrior bound to tradition and honour, finds himself forced by an old oath to protect the head of the Yakuza. The man they call the Kaisho.

The Kaisho by Eric Van Lustbader
Lustbader, Eric Van
Eric Van Lustbader
> Shadow Warrior, Book 05

Shadow warrior Nicholas Linnear believes that the Floating City, an inland empire at the heart of the Vietnamese jungle, lies at the heart of a vast terrorist plot. And he may be the only person who can infiltrate this criminal stronghold...

Floating City by Eric Van Lustbader
Lustbader, Eric Van
Eric Van Lustbader
> Shadow Warrior, Book 06

As a youth, Nicholas Linnear chose the path of the Ninja, placing tradition and honour above all. But one of his brothers abandoned this path to pursue a life of greed and corruption. And this man has never forgotten Linnear...

Second Skin by Eric Van Lustbader