Format: 06/2019
Format: 06/2019
Eatwell, Piu Marie
Piu Marie Eatwell

The extraordinary story of the Druce-Portland affair, one of the most notorious, tangled and bizarre legal cases of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras.

The Dead Duke, His Secret Wife and the Missing Corpse by Piu Marie Eatwell
Everitt, Anthony
Anthony Everitt

A moreishly entertaining and richly informative miscellany of facts about Rome and the Roman world.

SPQR: A Roman Miscellany by Anthony Everitt
Hunter, Phillip
Phillip Hunter

A poignant thriller about love, revenge and redemption set in the savage ganglands of East London.

To Kill For by Phillip Hunter
Lustbader, Eric Van
Eric Van Lustbader
> Shadow Warrior, Book 04

Nicholas Linnear, a shadow warrior bound to tradition and honour, finds himself forced by an old oath to protect the head of the Yakuza. The man they call the Kaisho.

The Kaisho by Eric Van Lustbader
Lustbader, Eric Van
Eric Van Lustbader
> Shadow Warrior, Book 05

Shadow warrior Nicholas Linnear believes that the Floating City, an inland empire at the heart of the Vietnamese jungle, lies at the heart of a vast terrorist plot. And he may be the only person who can infiltrate this criminal stronghold...

Floating City by Eric Van Lustbader
Lustbader, Eric Van
Eric Van Lustbader
> Shadow Warrior, Book 06

As a youth, Nicholas Linnear chose the path of the Ninja, placing tradition and honour above all. But one of his brothers abandoned this path to pursue a life of greed and corruption. And this man has never forgotten Linnear...

Second Skin by Eric Van Lustbader
Watkins, Alfred
Alfred Watkins

A beautiful new edition of a classic work of landscape history, in which Alfred Watkins introduced the idea of ancient 'ley lines' criss-crossing the English countryside.

The Old Straight Track by Alfred Watkins
Watts, Peter
Peter Watts

After an unexplained moment of surveillance by an alien intelligence no further contact has been made for twenty-five years. But all this is about to change. For a man hiding in the Oregon desert is about to play a key role in the next stage of human evolution.

Firefall by Peter Watts
Schmidt, Michael
Michael Schmidt
> Great Lives, Book

A stunning volume of epic breadth which connects the lives and works of over 300 English-language poets of the last 700 years.

Lives of the Poets by Michael Schmidt
Atkins, Dani
Dani Atkins

A woman falls in love with the shadowy stranger who saved her life. A gripping love story from the author of FRACTURED.

The Story Of Us by Dani Atkins
Olusoga, David
David Olusoga

A unique account of the millions of colonial troops who fought in the First World War, and why they were later air-brushed out of history.

The World's War by David Olusoga
Box, C.J.
C.J. Box

Ten short stories from the international bestseller CJ Box -- three of them exclusive to this book.

Shots Fired by C.J. Box
Prowse, Amanda
Amanda Prowse

How do you say goodbye to your children for the last time? A mother battles cancer in the new novel from bestselling author Amanda Prowse.

Will You Remember Me? by Amanda Prowse
Velasco, Stefanie de
Stefanie de Velasco

An explosive literary debut, tender and funny, shocking and tragic, about the friendship between two fourteen-year-old girls on the loose during a long, hot summer in Berlin.

Tiger Milk by Stefanie de Velasco
Barrowman, John, Barrowman, Carole E.
John Barrowman, Carole E. Barrowman
> Hollow Earth, Book 03

The final book in the HOLLOW EARTH children's fantasy trilogy, starring Matt and Em Calder, twins who can bring their art to life.

The Book of Beasts by John Barrowman,  Carole E. Barrowman