Format: 03/2019
Format: 03/2019
Collins, Michael
Michael Collins

Two families living the dream in small town America are forced to confront their guilty secrets in the aftermath of a shocking death.

The Death of All Things Seen by Michael Collins
Costeloe, Diney
Diney Costeloe

A man murders his wife and goes on the run. A lonely young mother takes pity on him and, in the most dangerous decision of her life, offers him refuge.

Her Missing Husband: A Short Story by Diney Costeloe
Gilman, David
David Gilman

An epic historical adventure set during the Boer War.

The Last Horseman by David Gilman
Zander, Joakim
Joakim Zander

Yasmine hasn't seen her brother in five years. Conflicting rumours suggest Fadi became a rebel fighter and died in Syria – or is alive somewhere in Stockholm. She must comb the streets to find her brother, and uncover the truth. What she doesn't know is that the truth could destroy them all.

The Brother by Joakim Zander
Lustbader, Eric Van
Eric Van Lustbader
> Jason Bourne, Book

Jason Bourne's old friend and covert brother-in-arms, Colonel Boris Karpov, is brutally murdered. The main suspect is Sara Yadin, a Mossad agent and Bourne's lover.

Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Bourne Enigma by Eric Van Lustbader
Carson, Clare
Clare Carson

Sam quit university to find out the truth about her father, an undercover agent who lived a double life. Now Sam must decide. Will she walk away and pick up her own life? Or become an undercover operative herself and continue her father's work in the shadows...

The Salt Marsh by Clare Carson
Davies, Hunter
Hunter Davies

One of Britain's best-loved writers celebrates one of England's best-loved and loveliest regions, in well-chosen words and images.

Lakeland by Hunter Davies
Dorries, Nadine
Nadine Dorries

A warm and engrossing novel about three young student nurses at St Angelus Hospital in Liverpool during the early 1960s.

The Angels of Lovely Lane by Nadine Dorries
Kasasian, M.R.C.
M.R.C. Kasasian

A cold case needs reopening... fast in the next case for Sidney Grice and March Middleton – the Gower Street Detectives.

The Secrets of Gaslight Lane by M.R.C. Kasasian
O'Malley, Daniel
Daniel O'Malley

Rook Myfanwy Thomas is trying to prevent all out supernatural war with the oldest enemy of the Checquy, but someone keeps trying to assassinate her.

Stiletto by Daniel O'Malley
Reapy, E.M.
E.M. Reapy

Three young Irish people arrive in Australia, running from the economic ruins of their home country and their own unhappy lives. A spiral of self-destructive behaviour forces each of them to face up to the reality of their lives.

Red Dirt by E.M. Reapy
Goldsborough, Robert
Robert Goldsborough

Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are tasked with protecting the most hated columnist in New York City.

Stop the Presses! by Robert Goldsborough
Halliday, Brett
Brett Halliday

A teenage girl and her wicked stepmother battle to the death for a hefty inheritance

Before I Wake by Brett Halliday
Halliday, Brett
Brett Halliday

Helplessly drawn to his wife's much younger sister, an engineer goes to terrible lengths for passion.

Charlie Dell by Brett Halliday
Halliday, Brett
Brett Halliday

Mike Shayne tackles a baffling case of adultery and murder in the suburbs of Miami.

Mike Shayne's 50th Case by Brett Halliday