Format: 06/2018
Format: 06/2018
Andress, David
David Andress
pA blistering assessment of the West's abandonment of history as it succumbs to an attack of social and cultural dementia, by leading historian David Andress./p
Cultural Dementia by David Andress
Masterton, Graham
Graham Masterton
> Katie Maguire, Book 09
pPolice corruption, whistleblowers and murder. DCI Katie Maguire investigates a string of police fatalities in the new thriller from Graham Masterton. /p
Dead Men Whistling by Graham Masterton
Costeloe, Diney
Diney Costeloe
pA gritty and heartrending drama set in 19th-century Cornwall. Orphan Sophie and her friend Hannah are welcomed into the Penvarrow family but tensions rise and family secrets are revealed./p
Miss Mary's Daughter by Diney Costeloe
Gately, Iain
Iain Gately
pAn alternative travel book about the author's quest to achieve his surfing dream before it's too late./p
The Secret Surfer
Gilman, David
David Gilman
> Master of War, Book 05
pEpisode five of the gritty historical fiction series, as Thomas Blackstone fights to enforce English rule on France at the height of the Hundred Years' War./p
Scourge of Wolves by David Gilman
Kerrigan, Kate
Kate Kerrigan
pThree young women leave the cloying atmosphere of Catholic Ireland for the freedom of swinging 60s London, all in search of a new beginning. /p
That Girl by Kate Kerrigan
Lodato, Victor
Victor Lodato
pEight-year-old Edgar remembers nothing of the terrible accident people still whisper about. A family epic about a desperate search for a little boy who's lost./p
Edgar and Lucy by Victor Lodato
Panowich, Brian
Brian Panowich
pIn this sequel to iBull Mountain/i, the sheriff can't escape his brutal family legacy./p
Like Lions by Brian Panowich
Petrie, Nick
Nick Petrie
> Ash, Book 03
pIn the latest thriller starring war veteran Peter Ash, a flawlessly executed hijacking reveals the hidden dangers of Colorado's marijuana business. /p
Light It Up by Nick Petrie
Sterchi, Beat
Beat Sterchi
pAn extraordinary Swiss-German novel about a magnificent cow and the Spanish immigrant worker who looks after her. /p
Cow by Beat Sterchi
Low, Shari
Shari Low
pHilarious, heartfelt stories of a mother and her two sons from egg to empty nest. /p
Because I Said So by Shari Low
Preston, Douglas, Child, Lincoln
Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
> Agent Pendergast, Book 17
pA body is discovered, without its head - two killers are on the loose. A pair of killers requires a team of equally talented investigators. Luckily both Vincent D'Agosta and Special Agent Pendergast are back in town./p
City of Endless Night by Douglas Preston,  Lincoln Child
Armstrong, Charlotte
Charlotte Armstrong

A nameless woman arrives in L.A., only to fall into a coma and be positively identified as three completely different people, in this twist-filled thriller.

Dream of Fair Woman by Charlotte Armstrong
Armstrong, Charlotte
Charlotte Armstrong

Nine stories of revenge, compassion, love, and loathing in a collection "to be cherished" from an Edgar Award–winning author (Dorothy B. Hughes).

I See You by Charlotte Armstrong
Armstrong, Charlotte
Charlotte Armstrong

This MacDougal Duff Mystery launched the career of the Edgar Award–winning "American queen of suspense novelists" (New York Telegraph).

Lay On, Mac Duff! by Charlotte Armstrong