Format: 07/2017
Format: 07/2017
Doctorow, Cory
Cory Doctorow
p>A multi-generational SF thriller about the momentous changes coming in the next hundred years: an epic tale of revolution, love, war, and the end of death. /p>
Walkaway by Cory Doctorow
Whitworth, Victoria
Victoria Whitworth
p>A book about intense physical and personal experience, narrating how Victoria Whitworth began swimming in the cold waters of Orkney as a means of escaping a failing marriage. /p>
Swimming with Seals by Victoria Whitworth
Preston, Douglas, Child, Lincoln
Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
> Gideon Crew, Book 04
p>Gideon Crew races to destroy an extraterrestrial organism that has embedded itself in the sea bed and threatens the very existence of humankind./p>
Beyond the Ice Limit by Douglas Preston,  Lincoln Child
Rutland, David, Ellis, Emma
David Rutland, Emma Ellis
p>The story of the contrasting fortunes of two aristocratic brothers in the age of the American Revolution offers a fascinating and finely etched portrait of Georgian England. /p>
Resolution by David Rutland,  Emma Ellis
Thomson, Lesley
Lesley Thomson
p>Stella Darnell is the detective's daughter. She's convinced she's found a crime scene. But what was the crime, and who was the victim?/p>
The Dog Walker by Lesley Thomson
Weldon, Fay
Fay Weldon
p>Sequel to i>The Life and Loves of a She Devil/i>. Tyler is a new kind of 'heroine'. He's an ultra-confident, twenty-something man. But he won't be satisfied with his life until he can transition into the ultimate symbol of power and status: a woman.../p>
Death of a She Devil by Fay Weldon
Wexler, Django
Django Wexler
p>The fourth book in Django Wexler's The Shadow Campaigns The weather is growing warmer, but the frosty threat of Vordan's enemies is only growing worse... /p>
Guns of Empire by Django Wexler
Chisholm, P.F.
P.F. Chisholm

An Elizabethan romp through roguish courtiers, rival gangs, rustling, treason, and high ambition.

A Clash of Spheres by P.F. Chisholm
Carswell, Douglas
Douglas Carswell
p>A radical manifesto calling for a fundamental change in capitalism and politics from outspoken MP Douglas Carswell./p>
Rebel by Douglas Carswell
Box, C.J.
C.J. Box
> Joe Pickett, Book 17
p>The past comes back to haunt game warden Joe Pickett and his family with devastating effect. /p>
Vicious Circle by C.J. Box
Chappell, Emily
Emily Chappell
p>A quirky gift book about the joys of the allotment shed: a series of original and charming illustrations offer insight into the world of allotment huts and offer inspiration to create your own, very special shed. /p>
A Hut of One's Own by Emily Chappell
Costeloe, Diney
Diney Costeloe
p>When one of the houses in an exclusive cul-de-sac is sold to students, dramas begin to unfold and secrets long hidden come to the surface./p>
The New Neighbours by Diney Costeloe
Dorries, Nadine
Nadine Dorries
p>Set in the Irish Catholic community of 1950s Liverpool and in Ireland, this is a saga of working class families, living on the edge of poverty yet bound together by humour and loyalty, gossip, grumbling and endless cups of tea. /p>
Four Streets Saga by Nadine Dorries
Douglas, Norman
Norman Douglas
p>An Anglican bishop, on recuperative leave from his African diocese, alights at the island of Nepthene for a short stay on passage to England, and is soon caught in the midst of a wild and exuberant cast of fellow visitors and residents./p>
South Wind by Norman Douglas
Fishwick, Michael
Michael Fishwick
p>When Robbie’s mum died, everything changed. Suddenly upped and moved to Somerset to play happy families with his dad's new girlfriend, Robbie can't settle. He doesn't want a new life, he wants his old one back. But then he sees the white hare... /p>
The White Hare by Michael Fishwick