Format: 09/2018
Format: 09/2018
Garrod, Ben
Ben Garrod

Biologist and TV scientist Dr Ben Garrod's fun, funny, informative and collectible series about dinosaurs, continues with Velociraptor, Stegosaurus and Spinosaurus.

So You Think You Know About Velociraptor? by Ben Garrod
O'Séaghdha, Darach
Darach O'Séaghdha

The follow-up to Motherfoclóir, exploring the Irish language, both the very old and the very new. Craic Baby hinges on how watching a child learn to communicate changes how you think about language.

Craic Baby by Darach O'Séaghdha
Sedgwick, Marcus
Marcus Sedgwick

Taut, tense, terrifying. Prizewinning author Marcus Sedgwick writes of the monsters we create in literature and in our own minds in this reappraisal of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

The Monsters We Deserve by Marcus Sedgwick
Wynne, Frank
Frank Wynne

A selection of 100 of the best short stories from around the world, selected by award-winning translator Frank Wynne.

Found in Translation by Frank Wynne
Fesperman, Dan
Dan Fesperman

Anna is determined to understand why her brother apparently murdered first their father, then their mother, while they slept at their small farm in Maryland. The trail will lead her to events set in motion during one night nearly four decades ago in a Berlin safe house run by the CIA.

Safe Houses by Dan Fesperman
Stabenow, Dana
Dana Stabenow
> Kate Shugak, Book

Books 1-9 of the award-winning, Alaska-based crime series featuring native Aleut private investigator Kate Shugak.

The Kate Shugak Investigations by Dana Stabenow
O'Reilly, Judith
Judith O'Reilly

Intelligent, action-packed conspiracy thriller set in post-Brexit Britain.

Killing State by Judith O'Reilly
Liu, Cixin
Cixin Liu

When Chen's parents are incinerated before his eyes by a blast of ball lightning, he devotes his life to cracking the secret of this enigmatic natural phenomenon. His search takes him to across mountain peaks and deep into highly classified subterranean labs.

Ball Lightning by Cixin Liu
Barrowman, John, Barrowman, Carole
John Barrowman, Carole Barrowman
> Orion Chronicles, Book 03

With the world loosening at the seams, Rémy discovers that only he can halt the rise of the darkness. Only he can save humanity. But is Rémy up to the challenge?

Inquisitor by John Barrowman,  Carole Barrowman
Buckman, Peter
Peter Buckman

A heartfelt and humorous guide to embracing the ageing process.

The Genial Senior's Companion to Ageing by Peter Buckman
Dibdin, Emma
Emma Dibdin

Young female journalist, Jessica Harris, is drawn into the life of a troubled Hollywood actor.

Through His Eyes by Emma Dibdin
Fagan, Oisín
Oisín Fagan

In these five long stories the world breaks down in an endless cycle of hunger, desperation, violence and domination. A truly radical vision of a dysfunctional yet stubbornly hopeful world.

Hostages by Oisín Fagan
Gilman, David
David Gilman

An SOE agent is sent into Nazi-occupied France to track down and extract a missing radio operator.

Night Flight to Paris by David Gilman
Jones, Colin
Colin Jones

A magisterial overview of the creation, extension and adaptation of the palace of Versailles and its environs, and an exploration of the myth of Versailles from Louis XIV to the present day.

Versailles by Colin Jones
Jones, Dan, Amaral, Marina
Dan Jones, Marina Amaral

A brilliant artist, working with a bestselling historian, uses digital techniques to bring vividly to life 200 photographs of the defining events and personalities of the modern world.

The Colour of Time: A New History of the World, 1850-1960 by Dan Jones,  Marina Amaral