Format: 08/2019
Format: 08/2019
Dobson, Mary
Mary Dobson

A thematic miscellany of blood, bones and bodies.

Anatomica - A Compendium of Blood, Bones and Bodies by Mary Dobson
Lipscomb, Suzannah
Suzannah Lipscomb

The stories of the lives and fates of the six wives of Henry VIII.

Six Queens by Suzannah Lipscomb
Mieville, China
China Mieville

A reading of the modern world's most controversial and enduring political document: the Communist Manifesto.

A Spectre Haunting Europe by China Mieville
Whitworth, Victoria
Victoria Whitworth

A dark tale about a young woman navigating the betrayals and ambitions of the crown in 10th-century England.

Other Gods by Victoria Whitworth
Jingfang, Hao
Hao Jingfang

A new novel from the Hugo award-winning author of the novelette 'Folding Beijing' in which a colonised Mars has become independent from Earth.

Vagabonds by Hao Jingfang
Mancini, Ruth
Ruth Mancini

A compulsive and masterful new thriller featuring criminal defence lawyer Sarah Kellerman.

One Dark, Two Light by Ruth Mancini
Lay, Paul
Paul Lay

The thrilling story of the Protectorate, Britain's sole experiment with republican government, and one of the most extraordinary but least-known periods in British history.

Providence Lost by Paul Lay
Walker, Fiona
Fiona Walker

They say you should never go back, but glamorous Ronnie did just that, to the home she ran away from with her lover. But not everyone is finding it easy to forgive and forget...

Country Lovers by Fiona Walker
Strukul, Matteo
Matteo Strukul

Financiers of kings, godfathers of the Renaissance, arbiters of peace or war: Emperors in all but name. The first instalment in a trilogy charting the rise of Medici family as they become Masters of Florence.

Medici: Ascendancy by Matteo Strukul

Set in the universe of Cixin Liu's bestselling Three-Body Problem trilogy, and continuing the saga. This original story by Baoshu—published with Liu's blessing—charts the aftermath of the conflict between humanity and the extraterrestrial Trisolarans.

The Redemption of Time by Baoshu
Carson, Clare
Clare Carson

A historical epic, weaving suspense, adventure and romance into an exhilarating thriller, set in Victorian London.

The Canary Keeper by Clare Carson
Rahill, Elske
Elske Rahill

A novel about four generations of women and the violent tensions and loving devotion, envy and self sacrifice that family life embodies.

An Unravelling by Elske Rahill
Smith, A.J.
A.J. Smith
> Form and Void, Book 01

It is the 167th year of the Dark Age. Wielding their power, the Sea Wolves conquered the native Pure Ones and established their own Kingdom - but 17-year-old Duncan will discover a conspiracy to end their dominion...

The Glass Breaks by A.J. Smith
Qiufan, Chen
Chen Qiufan

When e-waste recycler Mimi is infected by a virus, she becomes the host to an omniscient consciousness hell bent on righting all the wrongs that have been done to her people.

Waste Tide by Chen Qiufan
Dorries, Nadine
Nadine Dorries

The first three Lovely Lane novels in one box set. Life and death, love and loss, jealousies, rivalries and betrayals are woven into Nadine's series about poverty, sacrifice and community spirit in post-war Liverpool and the early days of the NHS.

The Lovely Lane Box Set by Nadine Dorries