Format: 06/2019
Format: 06/2019
Ellison, Harlan
Harlan Ellison

A collection of 100 short stories by the late Harlan Ellison.

Harlan Ellison Collection by Harlan Ellison
Axworthy, Michael
Michael Axworthy

A history of the pivotal year of the Second World War, during which the forward march of the Axis was transformed by Allied victories into retreat and defeat.

1942: The Turning Point by Michael Axworthy
Dobson, Mary
Mary Dobson

A thematic miscellany of blood, bones and bodies.

Anatomica - A Compendium of Blood, Bones and Bodies by Mary Dobson
Lipscomb, Suzannah
Suzannah Lipscomb

The stories of the lives and fates of the six wives of Henry VIII.

Six Queens by Suzannah Lipscomb
Jingfang, Hao
Hao Jingfang

A new novel from the Hugo award-winning author of the novelette 'Folding Beijing' in which a colonised Mars has become independent from Earth.

Goodkind, Terry
Terry Goodkind

In this first collected volumes of the series (1-5), Terry Goodkind returns to his epic New York Times bestselling SWORD OF TRUTH saga.

The Children of D'Hara by Terry Goodkind
Grumley, Michael C.
Michael C. Grumley

The fourth book in an addictive sci-fi thriller series following a group of marine biologists drawn into a conspiracy that will change the human race forever.

Ripple by Michael C. Grumley
LeBor, Adam
Adam LeBor

A gripping investigation of Swiss banks during World War Two which uncovers the shocking truth of the extent to which they profited from the Nazi programme of genocide.

Jones, Dan, Amaral, Marina
Dan Jones, Marina Amaral

A visually stunning history of global conflict from 1914 to 1945, from Dan Jones and Marina Amaral – the team who created The Colour of Time.

The World Aflame by Dan Jones,  Marina Amaral
Grumley, Michael C.
Michael C. Grumley

The third book in an addictive sci-fi thriller series following a group of marine biologists who find a doomsday vault that will change human history.

Catalyst by Michael C. Grumley
Ho-Kei, Chan
Chan Ho-Kei

A young woman in Hong Kong investigates her teenage sister's death.

In the Net by Chan Ho-Kei
Levenson, Thomas
Thomas Levenson

A narrative of early capitalism's most famous scandal, a speculative frenzy that nearly bankrupted the British state during the hot summer of 1720 - and paradoxically led to the birth of modern finance.

Money for Nothing by Thomas Levenson
Whitworth, Victoria
Victoria Whitworth

An account of one of the most famous manuscripts in the world.

The Book of Kells by Victoria Whitworth
Dunn, Kat
Kat Dunn

The first in a historical adventure series set in the extravagant and deadly world of the French Revolution. A whirlwind of action, science and magic reveals, with a diverse cast of fearless heroines, a band of rebels like no other.

Dangerous Remedy by Kat Dunn
Palmer, James
James Palmer

This is the story of China: twenty different stories of China, fragments of a history as vast as all of Europe's put together. An epic book on the world's oldest - and newest - superpower. An ambitious and deeply researched popular history.

Heaven's Empires by James Palmer