Format: 04/2019
Format: 04/2019
Dobson, Mary
Mary Dobson

A thematic miscellany of blood, bones and bodies.

Anatomica - A Compendium of Blood, Bones and Bodies by Mary Dobson
Lipscomb, Suzannah
Suzannah Lipscomb

The stories of the lives and fates of the six wives of Henry VIII.

Six Queens by Suzannah Lipscomb
Jingfang, Hao
Hao Jingfang

A new novel from the Hugo award-winning author of the novelette 'Folding Beijing' in which a colonised Mars has become independent from Earth.

Vagabond by Hao Jingfang
Levenson, Thomas
Thomas Levenson

A narrative of early capitalism's most famous scandal, a speculative frenzy that nearly bankrupted the British state during the hot summer of 1720 - and paradoxically led to the birth of modern finance.

Money for Nothing by Thomas Levenson
Whitworth, Victoria
Victoria Whitworth

An account of one of the most famous manuscripts in the world.

The Book of Kells by Victoria Whitworth
Palmer, James
James Palmer

This is the story of China: twenty different stories of China, fragments of a history as vast as all of Europe's put together. An epic book on the world's oldest - and newest - superpower. An ambitious and deeply researched popular history.

Heaven's Empires by James Palmer
Mieville, China
China Mieville

A reading of the modern world's most controversial and enduring political document: the Communist Manifesto.

A Spectre Haunting Europe by China Mieville
Mancini, Ruth
Ruth Mancini

A compulsive and masterful new thriller featuring criminal defence lawyer Sarah Kellerman.

One Dark, Two Light by Ruth Mancini
O'Toole, Fintan
Fintan O'Toole

Ireland's leading public intellectual tells a history of Ireland in his own time – an interweaving of memoir and historical narrative.

An Irish Life by Fintan O'Toole
Whitworth, Victoria
Victoria Whitworth

A dark tale about a young woman navigating the betrayals and ambitions of the crown in 10th-century England.

Other Gods by Victoria Whitworth
Lay, Paul
Paul Lay

The thrilling story of the Protectorate, Britain's sole experiment with republican government, and one of the most extraordinary but least-known periods in British history.

Providence Lost by Paul Lay
McDonough, Frank
Frank McDonough

A new narrative of the rise and catastrophic fall of the Nazi regime: a twelve-year descent into barbarism, genocide and aggressive war that cost over 50 million lives.

The Hitler Years by Frank McDonough
Walker, Fiona
Fiona Walker

The village stud's new manager, Luca O'Brien, may have an international reputation and be breaking hearts, but his old friend knows better. And then Luca's past catches up with him...

Country Lovers by Fiona Walker
Ferguson, Robert
Robert Ferguson

The wooden holiday cabin, or hytte, is a staple of Norwegian life. Robert Ferguson, author of Scandinavians, explores the history and meaning of a national icon.

The Cabin in the Mountains by Robert Ferguson
Jones, Dan
Dan Jones

A history of the Crusades.

Crusaders by Dan Jones