Format: 09/2018
Format: 09/2018
Quigley, Sarah
Sarah Quigley

A moving story of music, survival, friendship and love in wartime Leningrad.

The Conductor by Sarah Quigley
Weldon, Fay, Fitzpatrick, Kylie, Quigley, Sarah
Fay Weldon, Kylie Fitzpatrick, Sarah Quigley

HABITS OF THE HOUSE: An aristocratic household in the last months of the 19th century face bankruptcy, war and social unrest.

THE SILVER THREAD: A murder mystery set at the height of the British Empire

THE CONDUCTOR: The story of how Shostakovich and one valiant, bedraggled orchestra created a defining moment in the siege of Leningrad.

3 Great Historical Novels by Fay Weldon,  Kylie Fitzpatrick,  Sarah Quigley