Format: 04/2019
Format: 04/2019
Leyser, Henrietta
Henrietta Leyser

A Pevsner-like guide to the remains of Bede's England.

Beda by Henrietta Leyser
Panowich, Brian
Brian Panowich

In the mountains of North Georgia, a small town sheriff is forced to confront his family's past... and present.

Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich
Botkin, B.A., Harlow, Alvin F.
B.A. Botkin, Alvin F. Harlow

The stories, tall tales, traditions, ballads, and songs of the American railroad man.

A Treasury of Railroad Folklore by B.A. Botkin,  Alvin F. Harlow
Fiennes, Gerard
Gerard Fiennes

World-renowned railwayman Gerry Fiennes shares his first-hand experiences of the inner workings of the British rail network through its most significant developments during the twentieth century.

I Tried to Run a Railway by Gerard Fiennes
Kennedy, Ludovic
Ludovic Kennedy

Around the world in 155 years of train travel.

A Book of Railway Journeys by Ludovic Kennedy
Miller, Charles
Charles Miller

The essential history of East African railways.

The Lunatic Express by Charles Miller
Cheetham, Ben
Ben Cheetham
> The Missing Ones, Book 03

Detective Jim Monahan is determined to bring down a sadistic sex-ring. But everywhere he turns he finds himself entangled in a web of political power and silence. Then comes a bizarre twenty-year-old clue that might just blow the whole thing apart...

Spider's Web by Ben Cheetham
Prowse, Amanda
Amanda Prowse

Wife. Mother. Daughter. What happens when it all becomes too much?

Perfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse
Ross, Ian
Ian Ross

The second novel in this gripping series, set at the end of the Roman Empire, sees a treasonous conspiracy threatening to bring down the Emperor Constantine. Only one man's courage stands between the rebels and victory.

Swords Around The Throne by Ian Ross
Schechter, Harold
Harold Schechter

The strange and terrible story of Alfred Packer, alleged man-eater and legend of 19th-century America's Western frontier.

Man-Eater by Harold Schechter
Costeloe, Diney
Diney Costeloe

A young woman's fight to save a treasured war memorial uncovers a tragic story that reverberates from World War I to the present day.

The Nurses of St Croix by Diney Costeloe
Crown, Jonathan
Jonathan Crown

A fox terrier makes history as a Hollywood star, circus attraction... and the Führer's lap dog.

Sirius by Jonathan Crown
Holroyd, Michael
Michael Holroyd

The essential biography of the Welsh post-impressionist painter.

Augustus John by Michael Holroyd
Holroyd, Michael
Michael Holroyd
> Great Lives, Book

The essential biography of the British writer, critic and founding member of the Bloomsbury Group.

Lytton Strachey by Michael Holroyd
Kerrigan, Kate
Kate Kerrigan

A novel set in Ireland, New York and London, interweaving two stories, past and present.

The Dress by Kate Kerrigan