Format: 07/2018
Format: 07/2018
Stabenow, Dana
Dana Stabenow

An Alaskan-based crime novel featuring native Aleut private investigator Kate Shugak.

Restless In The Grave by Dana Stabenow
Cook, Thomas H.
Thomas H. Cook

When a famous true-crime writer is found dead in a boat set adrift, the question is not how he died, but why? This is a brilliant psychological thriller about death and obsession from one of the world's most respected crime writers.

The Crime of Julian Wells by Thomas H. Cook
Lev, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Lev

The fascinating portrait of the ultimate Renaissance woman: Caterina Sforza, the Tigress of Forli.

Tigress Of Forli by Elizabeth Lev
Oldfield, Mark
Mark Oldfield

A brilliantly plotted crime thriller based in the worlds of Franco's Spain and modern day forensic science.

The Sentinel by Mark Oldfield
Churton, Alex
Alex Churton

What if Saddam's WMD were just a cover story for a real conspiracy infinitely more lethal? A conspiracy written in the blood at the dawn of history ...

The Babylon Gene by Alex Churton
Macbain, Bruce
Bruce Macbain
> Roman Games, Book 01

Roman Senator Pliny the Younger investigates a locked-room murder in the first in a gripping series set in Ancient Rome's most decadent age.

Roman Games by Bruce Macbain
Mouton, Ray
Ray Mouton

This book is more than a novel. It's a testament to one of the most harrowing problems of our time. It's the story of one man's crusade to bring justice to the victims of child abuse. And it's a journey through the dark corridors of the oldest, richest, most powerful religious institution on earth: the Roman Catholic Church.

In God's House by Ray Mouton
Fitzpatrick, Kylie
Kylie Fitzpatrick

A panoramic historical novel of rare beauty set between Victorian England, Ireland and Australia during the great age of sail.

The Silver Thread by Kylie Fitzpatrick
O'Malley, Daniel
Daniel O'Malley

An astonishing fantasy debut about the secret organization keeping Britain safe from supernatural threat.

The Rook by Daniel O'Malley
Weldon, Fay
Fay Weldon

A pitch-perfect story of life above and below stairs and an elegy to the last days of aristocracy and Empire.

Habits of the House by Fay Weldon
Quigley, Sarah
Sarah Quigley

A profoundly moving story of music, survival, friendship and love in wartime Leningrad.

The Conductor by Sarah Quigley