Format: 07/2017
Format: 07/2017
Williams, Hywel
Hywel Williams
p>An accessible history of the United Kingdom from the coming of the Romans to the third millennium. /p>
The Seven Ages of Britain by Hywel Williams
Andress, David
David Andress
p>An assessment of the West's abandonment of history as it succumbs to an attack of social and cultural dementia, by leading historian David Andress./p>
p>A boy from the central Tibetan grasslands grows up in the wake of the Cultural Revolution. Love, loss, bears, bandits and Buddhist mysteries. /p>
Gilman, David
David Gilman
> Master of War, Book 05
p>Episode five of the gritty historical fiction series, as Thomas Blackstone fights to enforce English rule on France at the height of the Hundred Years' War./p>
Kerrigan, Kate
Kate Kerrigan
p>Three young women leave the cloying atmosphere of Catholic Ireland for the freedom of swinging 60s London, all in search of a new beginning. /p>
Lodato, Victor
Victor Lodato
p>Eight-year-old Edgar remembers nothing of the terrible accident people still whisper about. A family epic about a desperate search for a little boy who's lost./p>
Edgar and Lucy by Victor Lodato
Low, Shari
Shari Low
p>A collection of Shari Low's favourite (and hilarious) stories of motherhood – stories that every experienced, new or impending mother will relate to. /p>
Panowich, Brian
Brian Panowich
p>In this sequel to i>Bull Mountain/i>, the sheriff can't escape his brutal family legacy./p>
Sterchi, Beat
Beat Sterchi
p>An extraordinary Swiss-German novel about a magnificent cow and the Spanish immigrant worker who looks after her. /p>
Gately, Iain
Iain Gately
p>An alternative travel book about the author's quest to achieve his surfing dream before it's too late./p>
The Secret Surfer by Iain Gately
Preston, Douglas, Child, Lincoln
Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
> Agent Pendergast, Book 17
p>A body is discovered, without its head - two killers are on the loose. A pair of killers requires a team of equally talented investigators. Luckily both Vincent D'Agosta and Special Agent Pendergast are back in town./p>
City of Endless Night by Douglas Preston,  Lincoln Child
Ahnhem, Stefan
Stefan Ahnhem
p>The new thriller starring detective Fabian Risk. The police chase a speeding car through the streets of Helsingborg, but when they reach the quay, the driver keeps going, straight into the water.../p>
Eighteen Below by Stefan Ahnhem
Gerlach, Heinrich
Heinrich Gerlach
p>The original version of the classic novel of the epic World War II battle, confiscated by the Russian secret services in 1949, and now rediscovered in the Russian archives./p>
Breakout at Stalingrad by Heinrich Gerlach
Ginzberg, Natalia
Natalia Ginzberg

This is a moving and unsentimental portrait of a generation at war by the Italian novelist Natalia Ginzburg.

Ginzburg, Natalia
Natalia Ginzburg
p>This is a moving and unsentimental portrait of a generation at war by the Italian novelist Natalia Ginzburg./p>