Format: 01/2018
Format: 01/2018
Ginzburg, Natalia
Natalia Ginzburg

This is a moving and unsentimental portrait of a generation at war by the Italian novelist Natalia Ginzburg.

Lough, David
David Lough

The first ever collection of the letters between Churchill and his mother sheds intimate and revelatory light on the emotional and political development of the future premier.

Darling Winston by David Lough
Pflüger, Andreas
Andreas Pflüger

Imagine inheriting two billion dollars. Then imagine the money is left to you by your mortal enemy...

Pryor, Francis
Francis Pryor

A personal, historical journey across one of the most mysterious regions of England, exploring its archaeology, history, landscape – and place in the English imagination.

Quinn, Anthony J.
Anthony J. Quinn

A new crime series set in the brooding landscape of the Scottish borders. Detective Carla Herron is investigating the savage murder of a psychotherapist when a confession from the nearby psychiatric hospital leads her to embark on a chilling trail...

Schmidt, Michael
Michael Schmidt

The story of a great epic.

Sinaiee, Maryam
Maryam Sinaiee

Authentic, tasty recipes from Persian cook and food blogger, Maryam Sinaiee.

Nightingales and Roses by Maryam Sinaiee
Riding, Jacqueline
Jacqueline Riding

The story of a defining moment in the history of British democracy, the horrific Peterloo massacre of 1819.

Burstall, Emma
Emma Burstall
> Tremarnock, Book 04

The fourth novel in the series, set in the Cornish seaside village of Tremarnock. Tremarnock may look like a cosy backwater, but some of its residents are about to face tough decisions and cold reality...

A Tremarnock Secret by Emma Burstall
Coogan, Tim Pat
Tim Pat Coogan

The stirring story of the close association between the GAA, the rise of Irish nationalism and Ireland's coming to nationhood.

The GAA and the War of Independence by Tim Pat Coogan
Gardner, Sally
Sally Gardner

A perfect, modern fairytale for Christmas about an unusual princess, a wicked villain, a determined girl and the biggest ever ice-cream competition.

Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon by Sally Gardner
Hamilton-Paterson, James
James Hamilton-Paterson

James Hamilton-Paterson turns his literary and analytical skills to the wider picture of Britain's lost industrial and technological civilisation.

What We Have Lost by James Hamilton-Paterson
Masterton, Graham
Graham Masterton

A virus spreads through London, forcing those infected to commit horrific crimes.

Monroe, J.S.
J.S. Monroe

Imagine if you returned home one day to find your key didn't fit your door, and a stranger living in your home.

Prowse, Amanda
Amanda Prowse

Theo and Anna were soulmates. But what happens when the love of your life dies? After Anna, there was Kitty. This is her story.