Format: 01/2018
Format: 01/2018
Adams, Max
Max Adams

An unjustly forgotten seventh-century English monarch is rescued from Dark Age obscurity in this magisterial biography.

The King in the North by Max Adams
Ferguson, Will
Will Ferguson

Lives intersect and worlds collide when a Canadian woman becomes entangled in a Nigerian internet scam.

419 by Will Ferguson
Islam, Faisal
Faisal Islam

Front-line despatches on the global crisis – China to Cyprus, Madrid to Moscow, Iraq to Iceland – from Channel Four's prize-winning Economics Editor.

The Default Line by Faisal Islam
Masterton, Graham
Graham Masterton
> Katie Maguire, Book 02

Someone is brutally killing Catholic priests. Revenge? Or something more sinister? Katie Maguire must get to the truth.

Broken Angels by Graham Masterton
Pink, Alan
Alan Pink

A practical tax guide that sets out in clear, jargon-free terms what UK entrepreneurs and businesses can do to minimise their tax bill, and the best way of going about it.

The Entrepreneur's Tax Guide by Alan Pink
Scull, Luke
Luke Scull
> The Grim Company, Book 01

In a dying world of wild magic, shapeshifters and warring tyrants an unlikely fellowship is formed of self-righteous outlaws, crippled turncoats and amoral mercenaries… A grim company indeed.

The Grim Company by Luke Scull
Box, C.J.
C.J. Box
> Cassie Dewel, Book 01

It was Danielle and Gracie's secret. A 1000 mile drive to visit Danielle's boyfriend in Montana. But now the girls have simply vanished and Cassie Dewell's investigation will lead her to the FBI's Highway Serial Killer Task Force, a spate of roadside sexual mutilations and murders and the lair of a predator who styles himself The Lizard King.

The Highway by C.J. Box
Cook, Thomas H.
Thomas H. Cook

A man stands accused of murdering his wife. But did he do it?

Sandrine by Thomas H. Cook
Eatwell, Piu Marie
Piu Marie Eatwell

An entertaining and informative journey exploring the many popular myths and misconceptions about the French.

They Eat Horses, Don't They? by Piu Marie Eatwell
Atkins, Dani
Dani Atkins

What if you woke up one day to find the life you'd dreamed of was real?

Fractured by Dani Atkins
Greenfield, Susan
Susan Greenfield

A terrifying novel, from one of our foremost scientific visionaries. Susan Greenfield asks: how will today's technology affect the future of our species?

2121 by Susan Greenfield
Lustbader, Eric Van
Eric Van Lustbader
> Jack McClure, Book 03

FBI agent Alli Carson is the prime suspect in a murder case. Her only hope – National Security Advisor Jack McClure. But to prove her innocence, he must unravel a complex web of lies that stretches from the secret service to a vast global enterprise that lurks in the shadows of power...

Blood Trust by Eric Van Lustbader
Macbain, Bruce
Bruce Macbain
> Roman Games, Book 02

Roman governor Pliny the Younger faces betrayal and death in a remote frontier province.

The Bull Slayer by Bruce Macbain
McCarry, Charles
Charles McCarry

A deep-cover American agent in China is given a new brief: Infiltrate the Chinese Secret Police, Work Alone.

The Shanghai Factor by Charles McCarry
Nirenberg, David
David Nirenberg

A rigorous account of one of history's darkest tendencies, following the development of anti-Semitism across three millennia.

Anti-Judaism by David Nirenberg