Format: 02/2018
Format: 02/2018
McCullough, Colleen
Colleen McCullough
> Masters of Rome, Book 03

Rome, 83 BC: The Republic is disintegrating. Ravaged by disease, tormented by vice, Lucius Cornelius Sulla has returned from exile determined to rebuild it, even if it means taking battle to the very walls of Rome and purging the city with blood.

Fortune's Favourites by Colleen McCullough
McCullough, Colleen
Colleen McCullough
> Masters of Rome, Book 04

Rome, 68 BC: Caesar has returned to Rome. Having cut his teeth campaigning in the East, his sites are now set on a new battlefield: the Forum Romanum.

Caesar's Women by Colleen McCullough
McCullough, Colleen
Colleen McCullough
> Masters of Rome, Book 05

Rome 54 BC: Caesar's legions are sweeping across Gaul, brutally subduing the tribes who defy him. But, in Rome, his enemies are plotting his downfall and disgrace. But all have underestimated Caesar.

Caesar by Colleen McCullough
Jones, Nigel
Nigel Jones

A wide-ranging and lively portrait of cultural and social life in Britain in a year that shook Europe to its foundations.

Peace and War by Nigel Jones
Prowse, Amanda
Amanda Prowse

Pru Plum, owner of the famous Mayfair bakery, is not the confident, successful businesswoman she appears. She has done shameful things to get where she is and will do anything to protect the secrets of her past – especially when, for the first time in her life, she has finally fallen in love...

A Little Love by Amanda Prowse
Holmberg, John-Henri
John-Henri Holmberg

A landmark anthology of Swedish crime, from the masters of Nordic noir. Includes a never-before published short story by Stieg Larsson.

A Darker Shade by John-Henri Holmberg
Box, C.J.
C.J. Box

A dramatic short story of justice both old and new from the New York Times-bestselling author of BREAKING POINT and THE HIGHWAY.

The Master Falconer by C.J. Box
Cheetham, Ben
Ben Cheetham

A crime thriller with a unique premise: a man sets out to find a kidnapped boy... to atone for killing his father.

Blood Guilt by Ben Cheetham
Crais, Robert, Penzler, Otto
Robert Crais, Otto Penzler

Robert Crais picks 20 of the best crime stories to come out the USA in the last year.

The Best American Mystery Stories: Volume 16 by Robert Crais,  Otto Penzler
Finnis, Jane
Jane Finnis

BRITANNIA, AD 91: a raw province on the frontier of a vast Empire. Life is cheap, and as Aurelia Marcella, a young Roman settler, is about to find out, so is death…

Death in Roman Britain - Box Set by Jane Finnis
Gibson, Mary
Mary Gibson

Heartwarming and gritty, the life and loves of a factory girl in Bermondsey through World War 1.

Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts by Mary Gibson
Hunter, Phillip
Phillip Hunter

A former boxer seeks revenge on a London gangster in this break-neck thriller from a superbly assured new voice.

To Die For by Phillip Hunter
Jones, Howard Andrew
Howard Andrew Jones

Two sword and sorcery novels inspired by the tales of One Thousand and One Nights.

The Chronicle of Sword & Sand - Box Set by Howard Andrew Jones
Larsen, K.J.
K.J. Larsen

Suspect your husband has had his hand up someone else's skirt? Call the Pants on Fire Detective Agency and ask for the fabulous Cat DeLuca, avenger of cheated upon women.

The Pants On Fire Detective Agency - Box Set by K.J. Larsen
Lustbader, Eric Van
Eric Van Lustbader
> Jack McClure, Book

From million-copy-bestseller Eric Van Lustbader, the first three gripping thrillers starring ATF agent Jack McClure.

Three Jack McClure Missions - Box Set by Eric Van Lustbader