Format: 06/2018
Format: 06/2018
Finder, Joseph
Joseph Finder

A terrifying conspiracy traps a female judge in an impossible dilemma.

Judgment by Joseph Finder
Gibson, Mary
Mary Gibson

From 1930 to the eve of World War Two, London factory girl Ruby Scully will face a terrible choice between duty and great love that will alter her future forever.

Ruby Scully by Mary Gibson
Legge, Laura
Laura Legge

An incantatory debut novel about a coven of witches, set in the modern-day Outer Hebrides.

Masterton, Graham
Graham Masterton
> Katie Maguire, Book 10

Katie Maguire, Ireland's most fearless detective, hunts a chilling killer on the streets of Cork.

Levenson, Thomas
Thomas Levenson

In the summer of 1720 Britain was gripped by stock-market mania, the first truly modern speculative bubble. This is the tale of a great financial scandal and the first great 'crash' and how it gave birth to modern capitalism.

Whittaker, K.J.
K.J. Whittaker

Buonaparte might have won Waterloo, but the English throne is still empty. A thrilling tale of treason, split loyalties and dangerous liasions unfolding on the Cornish shores and glittering ballrooms of St Petersburg.

Holden, Wendy
Wendy Holden

Glamorous journalist Laura Lake hunts down the scoop of the year in the Scottish Highlands.

A View to a Kilt by Wendy Holden
Ahnhem, Stefan
Stefan Ahnhem

Fabian Risk abandons his critically ill daughter to hunt a terrifying serial killer. But how do you catch a serial killer who never strikes the same way twice?

Frostrup, Mariella
Mariella Frostrup

A collection of the greatest women's travel writing ever written.

Wild Women by Mariella Frostrup
Goodkind, Terry
Terry Goodkind

Set in the world of the Sword of Truth saga, familiar allies, dangerous magic and creatures born from twisted sorcery fight a legendary battle that may just destroy the ancient city of Ildakar.

Siege of Stone by Terry Goodkind
Nomine, Marvella
Marvella Nomine

500 rebel names inspired by the most fearless men and women of history.

Badass Baby Names by Marvella Nomine
Ross, Ian
Ian Ross

In the sixth instalment of the TWILIGHT OF EMPIRE series, Emperor Constantine's claim to rule is challenged by the King of Persia.

Triumph in Dust by Ian Ross
Tinniswood, Adrian
Adrian Tinniswood

The story of a British institution whose fellows, including Newton, Darwin and Hawking, have changed the way we look at the world.

Chisholm, P.F.
P.F. Chisholm

A brand-new Sir Robert Carey Mystery, full of roguish courtiers, rival gangs, border raiders, treason, realpolitik and unbridled ambition.

Chisholm, P.F.
P.F. Chisholm

A new omnibus in the highly acclaimed Sir Robert Carey Mysteries, full of roguish courtiers, rival gangs, border raiders, treason, realpolitik and unbridled ambition.

Swords in the East by P.F. Chisholm