Format: 08/2019
Format: 08/2019
Dennison, Matthew
Matthew Dennison

An evocative telling of the life of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert's last-born child, and of a sometimes fraught royal mother-daughter relationship.

The Last Princess by Matthew Dennison
Gordon, David
David Gordon

In the sequel to David Gordon's The Bouncer, New York City's most hardened mob bosses team up once again, this time to pull off a high-stakes drug heist.

Wolmar, Christian
Christian Wolmar

A concise, authoritative and fast-paced telling of how the railways changed the world.

Railways by Christian Wolmar
Burstall, Emma
Emma Burstall
> Tremarnock, Book 05

When a stranger comes to the Cornish village of Tremarnock to discover more about her Cornish ancestors, rumours start to fly. Is there more to her than meets the eye?

The Cornish Visitor by Emma Burstall
Fleming, Leah
Leah Fleming

1939: minister's son Ewan returns home to a remote Hebridean island and falls in love with his childhood friend, Minn. An evocative novel of of two people bound together by a childhood tragedy...

Daughter of the Tide by Leah Fleming
Adams, Max
Max Adams

A celebration of 100 tree species from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, Oceania and the Americas.

Trees of Life by Max Adams
Atkins, Dani
Dani Atkins

From the author of Fractured, this is a heart-wrenching and gripping story of the power of love, family and friendship.

A Million Dreams by Dani Atkins
Barfe, Louis
Louis Barfe

A definitive life one of the best-loved and most enduring figures of British comedy, the eccentric genius and national treasure Ken Dodd, whose seven-decade career straddled the end of the era of variety and the golden age of television comedy.

Happiness and Tears by Louis Barfe
Blok, Rachael
Rachael Blok

Set in a small English village near St Albans at the height of the 2018 heatwave. Ana must prove her boyfriend's innocence in the wake of his brother's murder.

The Scorched Earth by Rachael Blok
Coulthard, Sally
Sally Coulthard

A little miscellany of bees.

The Bee Bible by Sally Coulthard
McDonough, Frank
Frank McDonough

A new narrative of the rise and catastrophic fall of the Nazi regime: a twelve-year descent into barbarism, genocide and aggressive war that cost over 50 million lives.

The Hitler Years by Frank McDonough
Merton, Paul
Paul Merton

80 of the funniest stories ever written, selected and introduced by comedian and broadcaster Paul Merton.

Funny Ha, Ha by Paul Merton
Walker, Fiona
Fiona Walker

They say you should never go back, but glamorous Ronnie did just that, to the home she ran away from with her lover. But not everyone is finding it easy to forgive and forget...

Country Lovers by Fiona Walker
Bruen, Ken
Ken Bruen

Ex-cop turned private eye Jack Taylor is on the hunt for a psychotic assassin who has been killing Galway police officers, one by one.

Galway Girl by Ken Bruen
Patterson, Glenn
Glenn Patterson

A witty and impassioned book on Ulster, which has been thrust into the centre of British and European politics and which is likely to become Britain's frontier with the wider world.