Format: 10/2018
Format: 10/2018
Jameson, Hanna
Hanna Jameson
> Underground, Book 03

Two British ex-cons are trapped on a nightmarish road trip to find Trent, a guy who screwed them over and disappeared. But now, after forty hours driving through yellow desert, what seemed real is no longer certain. Where did Trent stay? What did he do? Did he even exist at all?

Road Kill by Hanna Jameson
O'Malley, Daniel
Daniel O'Malley

Rook Myfanwy Thomas is trying to prevent all out supernatural war with the oldest enemy of the Checquy, but someone keeps trying to assassinate her.

Stiletto by Daniel O'Malley
Byrne, Liam
Liam Byrne

The inspiring stories of ten great British entrepreneurs from the Elizabethan age to the present – how their genius made Britain great and shaped the global marketplace.

Dragons by Liam Byrne
Naughtie, James
James Naughtie

Paris in 1968. In a city alive with talk of revolution, Will Flemyng finds himself in the thick of the action, a young spy whose first adventures behind the Iron Curtain have already given him a secret glamour. But now he gets news that threatens the closest and most complicated relationship in his life, with his younger brother.

Paris Spring by James Naughtie
Larman, Alexander
Alexander Larman

An in-the-round portrait of life in England under the Restoration, focusing on the year of the Great Fire of London.

Restoration by Alexander Larman
Littlefield, Sophie
Sophie Littlefield

A woman must decide if her daughter's killer lives or dies. A gripping, emotive thriller from the author of The Moon Pool.

The Guilty One by Sophie Littlefield
Welsh, Louise
Louise Welsh

100 scary stories to read with the light on selected and introduced by award-winning author Louise Welsh.

Ghost by Louise Welsh
Haywood, John
John Haywood

A magisterial history of the Vikings that fully reflects the extraordinary geographical range of their activities, from Newfoundland in the west to Baghdad in the east.

Northmen by John Haywood
Clark, Stuart
Stuart Clark

A groundbreaking and state-of-the-art guide to the Universe and how our latest deep space discoveries are forcing us to revisit what we know, and what we don't.

The Unknown Universe by Stuart Clark
Oldfield, Mark
Mark Oldfield

The sequel to THE SENTINEL. The critically acclaimed journey into the dark heart of Spain continues.

The Exile by Mark Oldfield
Spivey, Nigel
Nigel Spivey

A masterly account of how the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome came into being, by a prize-winning Cambridge classicist whose writing is as accessible as it is scholarly.

Classical Civilization by Nigel Spivey
Leyser, Henrietta
Henrietta Leyser

A Pevsner-like guide to the remains of Bede's England.

Beda by Henrietta Leyser
Prowse, Amanda
Amanda Prowse

Wife. Mother. Daughter. What happens when it all becomes too much?

Perfect Daughter by Amanda Prowse
Ross, Ian
Ian Ross

The second novel in this gripping series, set at the end of the Roman Empire, sees a treasonous conspiracy threatening to bring down the Emperor Constantine. Only one man's courage stands between the rebels and victory.

Swords Around The Throne by Ian Ross
Schechter, Harold
Harold Schechter

The strange and terrible story of Alfred Packer, alleged man-eater and legend of 19th-century America's Western frontier.

Man-Eater by Harold Schechter