Format: 06/2019
Format: 06/2019
Liu, Cixin, Martinsen, Joel
Cixin Liu, Joel Martinsen

When radiation from a supernova kills all the adults, the children become divided: some forge an imitation of the previous society; the others devolve into savagery and violence.

The Supernova Era by Cixin Liu
Dorries, Nadine
Nadine Dorries

The nurses of St Angelus Hospital face the hardship of another winter. Christmas is coming, but will the doctors and nurses of St Angelus get a chance to enjoy it?

Snow Angels by Nadine Dorries
Goodkind, Terry
Terry Goodkind

The Children of D'Hara picks up immediately after the conclusion of the Sword of Truth series. This is the story of Richard and Kahlan and their children.

Wasteland by Terry Goodkind
Brensing, Karsten
Karsten Brensing

A fascinating study of animal behaviour, from an eminent German marine biologist, revealing them to be as sentient and self-aware as we humans are.

What Do Animals Think and Feel? by Karsten Brensing
Callaghan, Louise
Louise Callaghan

This is a story of human decency in the midst of barbarism - how the zookeeper of Mosul Zoo saved the animals during the Isis rule of the city between 2014 and 2017.

Clarke, Phil, Lloyd, Isabel
Phil Clarke, Isabel Lloyd

A comprehensive, funny and useful guide for beginner gardeners who know the apocalypse is coming, and that growing fruit and veg will help.

Gardening for the Zombie Apocalypse by Phil Clarke,  Isabel Lloyd
Duncan, Adrian
Adrian Duncan

Paul, a young Irish engineer, follows Evelyn to Berlin. A moving novel about language, memory, building and love.

Edmonds, Mark
Mark Edmonds

An account of the prehistory and archaeology of the Orkney archipelago - a fusion of archaeological, historical and topographic writing.

Orcadia by Mark Edmonds
Hegarty, Neil
Neil Hegarty

An artist who has become an art thief, an obsessive curator and a specialist in major art thefts... Their stories intersect with the fate of a legendary work by a tragic Victorian woman artist.

The Jewel by Neil Hegarty
Hyde, Catherine
Catherine Hyde

A full colour country almanac by artist Catherine Hyde, follows the phases of the moon and a hare's journey throughout the year in a lyrical tribute to the natural world.

The Hare and the Moon
Moran, Katy
Katy Moran

Spared execution if he undertakes a dangerous mission to St Petersburg, Jack Crowlas finds himself entangled... From the windswept cliffs of Cornwall to the glittering ballrooms of St Petersburg, this is Regency romance with a twist.

Nicholls, Steve
Steve Nicholls

An illustrated exploration of Britain's wild flowers, from the science and natural history producer and filmmaker Steve Nicholls.

Flowers of the Field by Steve Nicholls
Okri, Ben
Ben Okri

Topical and timely, Booker Prize-winning author Ben Okri's new collection of short stories blur parallel realities and walk the line between darkness and magic.

Young, Kate
Kate Young

Kate Young returns with a book about eating and reading through the seasons.

The Little Library Year by Kate Young
Jones, Tobias
Tobias Jones

An exploration of the dark side of football, of Italy and of far right politics and organised crime: the hard core fans known as the ultras.

Ultra by Tobias Jones