Format: 08/2019
Format: 08/2019
Jones, Tobias
Tobias Jones

An exploration of the dark side of football, of Italy and of far right politics and organised crime: the hard core fans known as the ultras.

Ultra by Tobias Jones
Bicheno, Hugh
Hugh Bicheno

A one-volume, essential history of England's longest and bloodiest civil war: the Wars of the Roses.

The Wars of the Roses by Hugh Bicheno
Farrant, Natasha
Natasha Farrant

Here are eight princesses for the Rebel Girls generation: bold, empowered, full of curiosity, adventure and determined to be true to themselves.

Eight Princesses and a Magic Mirror by Natasha Farrant
Ferguson, Robert
Robert Ferguson

The wooden holiday cabin, or hytte, is a staple of Norwegian life. Robert Ferguson, author of Scandinavians, explores the history and meaning of a national icon.

The Cabin in the Mountains by Robert Ferguson
Fleming, Leah
Leah Fleming

From the acclaimed author of The Captain's Daughter and The Postcard, a warm, compelling historical novel of love, loss and triumph...

The Wedding Dress Maker by Leah Fleming
Hedworth, Anna
Anna Hedworth

A cookery and lifestyle book from the owner of Cook House.

Cook House by Anna Hedworth
Hill, M.K.
M.K. Hill

Six children were abducted. Five got out alive. Twenty years later, we find out why. First in a new thriller series set in the Thames estuary.

The Bad Place by M.K. Hill
Jones, Dan
Dan Jones

A history of the Crusades.

Crusaders by Dan Jones
Sedgwick, Marcus
Marcus Sedgwick

A timely novel challenging ideas around health – our own and our planet's – and the stigma that persists around illness.

Snowflake, AZ by Marcus Sedgwick
Strukul, Matteo
Matteo Strukul

Financiers of kings, godfathers of the Renaissance, arbiters of peace or war: Emperors in all but name. The first instalment in a trilogy charting the rise of Medici family as they become Masters of Florence.

Medici: Ascendancy by Matteo Strukul
Thomas, Dana
Dana Thomas

An investigation into the damage wrought by the colossal clothing industry – and the grassroots, high-tech, international movement fighting to reform it.

Fashionopolis by Dana Thomas
Turner, Pixie
Pixie Turner

An abridged version of The Wellness Rebel featuring Pixie's collection of 70 recipes and photos.

Pixie's Plates by Pixie Turner
Segev, Tom
Tom Segev

The definitive biography of Israel's founder by one of Israel's most celebrated historians.

A State at Any Cost by Tom Segev
Andress, David
David Andress

A short and controversial new interpretation of arguably the most important revolution of all time: the event that made the rights of man and the demand for liberty, equality and fraternity central to modern politics.

The French Revolution by David Andress
Birmingham, John
John Birmingham

With a ruthless sect of humanity intent on wiping out their species, five intrepid heroes must think like their enemies in this epic sci-fi adventure.

The Cruel Stars by John Birmingham