Format: 03/2019
Format: 03/2019
Awad, Mona
Mona Awad

A darkly funny, gothic novel about a lonely graduate student drawn into a clique of rich girls at a New England university.

Bunny by Mona Awad
Carson, Clare
Clare Carson

A historical epic, weaving suspense, adventure and romance into an exhilarating thriller, set in Victorian London.

The Canary Keeper by Clare Carson
Carswell, Douglas
Douglas Carswell

A radical manifesto calling for a fundamental change in capitalism and politics from outspoken MP Douglas Carswell.

Progress and Parasites by Douglas Carswell
Goldsworthy, Adrian
Adrian Goldsworthy
> Vindolanda, Book 03

The third instalment in this series set on the frontier of Roman Britain. Flavius Ferox has been summoned to Londinium but before he sets out he must find the killer of a murdered freedman.

Brigantia by Adrian Goldsworthy
Grumley, Michael C.
Michael C. Grumley

The second novel in an addictive adventure series following a group of marine biologists who uncover a military secret... that will become dangerous in the wrong hands.

Leap by Michael C. Grumley
Hardach, Sophie
Sophie Hardach

Set in Berlin during the dying days of communism, this is an exploration of a family cruelly torn apart, and the consequences of war seeping through generations.

Confession with Blue Horses by Sophie Hardach
Jones, Carol
Carol Jones

On the goldfields of 19th-century Australia, two very different girls are trying to escape their past.

The Boy with Blue Trousers by Carol Jones
Kantorowicz, Ernst
Ernst Kantorowicz

A reissue of the bestselling life of the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick the Second, with a new introduction by Dan Jones.

Frederick the Second by Ernst Kantorowicz
Levenson, Thomas
Thomas Levenson

A narrative of early capitalism's most famous scandal, a speculative frenzy that nearly bankrupted the British state during the hot summer of 1720 - and paradoxically led to the birth of modern finance.

Money for Nothing by Thomas Levenson
Mackay, Malcolm
Malcolm Mackay

Scotland has been a proudly independent country for centuries. But success has now turned sour. A novel of crime and corruption set in a brooding, rain-swept Scottish city that is compellingly different from the one we think we know.

A Line of Forgotten Blood by Malcolm Mackay
Rahill, Elske
Elske Rahill

A novel about four generations of women and the violent tensions and loving devotion, envy and self sacrifice that family life embodies.

An Unravelling by Elske Rahill
Smith, A.J.
A.J. Smith
> Form and Void, Book 01

It is the 167th year of the Dark Age. Wielding their power, the Sea Wolves conquered the native Pure Ones and established their own Kingdom - but 17-year-old Duncan will discover a conspiracy to end their dominion...

The Glass Breaks by A.J. Smith
LeBor, Adam
Adam LeBor

A gripping investigation of Swiss banks during World War Two which uncovers the shocking truth of the extent to which they profited from the Nazi programme of genocide.

Ahnhem, Stefan
Stefan Ahnhem

Fabian Risk abandons his critically ill daughter to hunt a terrifying serial killer. But how do you catch a serial killer who never strikes the same way twice?

Motive X by Stefan Ahnhem
Adams, Georgie
Georgie Adams

Large format full-colour gift book of original timed tales and poems, perfect for sharing at bedtime or anytime.

Storytime by Georgie Adams