Format: 11/2018
Format: 11/2018
Kelly, Julia
Julia Kelly

An unforgettable account of living with Alzheimer's Disease by the partner of a brilliant artist whose mind is collapsing.

Adams, Georgie, Brol, Magda
Georgie Adams, Magda Brol

Large format full-colour gift book of original timed tales and poems, perfect for sharing at bedtime or anytime.

Storytime by Georgie Adams
Ahnhem, Stefan
Stefan Ahnhem

Fabian Risk abandons his critically ill daughter to hunt a terrifying serial killer. But how do you catch a serial killer who never strikes the same way twice?

Motive X by Stefan Ahnhem
Blok, Rachael
Rachael Blok

A girl's body is found in the local lake at Christmas, turning neighbour against neighbour in a close-knit community. A tense, emotionally charged thriller from a brilliant new voice.

Under the Ice by Rachael Blok
Brookfield, Amanda
Amanda Brookfield

A memoir by bestselling fiction author Amanda Brookfield about how owning a dog was the path to taking back true ownership of herself.

Bruen, Ken
Ken Bruen

Former cop Jack Taylor is up against a vigilante assassin who goes by the name 'Silence' – and the consequences quickly become personal.

In the Galway Silence by Ken Bruen
Costeloe, Diney
Diney Costeloe

A lost child, a family divided, the bitter backdrop of war – set in 19th-century France.

Children of the Siege by Diney Costeloe
Crane, Ben
Ben Crane

An evocation of the falconer's art and a moving story of a man's discovery of how to be a father.

Blood Ties by Ben Crane
Deakin, Rufus, Rowlandson, Titus
Rufus Deakin, Titus Rowlandson

The story, mainly in pictures, but also in words, of the rebuilding of the 16th-century Suffolk farmhouse that the environmentalist Roger Deakin lived in from the early 1970s until his death in 2006.

The Making of Walnut Tree Farm by Rufus Deakin,  Titus Rowlandson
Dimitri, Francesco
Francesco Dimitri

A literary toolbox for well-being, this selection of prose has the power to promote reflection and mindfulness when read aloud.

Ellen, Steve, Deveny, Catherine
Steve Ellen, Catherine Deveny

Whether you have a mental illness or support someone who does, Mental offers clear practical help, empowering you with an arsenal of tips and techniques to help build your resilience.

Mental by Steve Ellen,  Catherine Deveny
Gardner, Sally, Maland, Nick
Sally Gardner, Nick Maland

The mysterious Mr Tiger and the inquisitive Betsy K Glory set sail on their second adventure.

Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Sea Dragon by Sally Gardner
Gibson, Mary
Mary Gibson

A young girl struggles to keep body and soul together in 1930s London, while her proud but spendthrift widowed father refuses to accept charity.

A Sister's Struggle by Mary Gibson
Kiberd, Declan
Declan Kiberd

A teasing but affectionate study of the genius of the English people as seen from a postcolonial perspective – and of the game of cricket which, along with Shakespeare and Houses of Parliament, was one of their richest, strangest and most lasting gifts to the wider world.

England and Eternity by Declan Kiberd
Millington, Caroline
Caroline Millington

How to get the best out of those friendships that really matter.

The Friendship Formula by Caroline Millington