Format: 10/2017
Format: 10/2017
Duffy, Malcolm
Malcolm Duffy

Humorous and heartbreaking debut novel with the fresh, funny, honest voice of a 14-year-old Geordie lad recounting the trials and tribulations of family life and finding first love.

Me Mam. Me Dad. Me by Malcolm Duffy
Field, Fiona
Fiona Field

Trouble comes to the sleepy market town of Chipping Woodford - a world of allotments, pub quizzes, shopping and gossip - the heart of middle England.

Secrets of a Small Town by Fiona Field
Françoise, Sarah
Sarah Françoise

A family comes together for Christmas - the parents' marriage at breaking point, and their grown-up children faring little better in love themselves. A novel exploring the thorniness of familial love and its capacity to endure.

Stories We Tell Ourselves by Sarah Françoise
Hamilton, James
James Hamilton

A concise history of one of the world's greatest and most comprehensive museum collections, from its founding in 1753 to the present day.

The British Museum by James Hamilton
McLeod, Jenn J.
Jenn J. McLeod

A multi-generational contemporary romantic saga set in a cattle ranch in North Queensland, Australia.

A Place to Remember by Jenn J. McLeod
Plantbased Pixie
Plantbased Pixie

The complete guide to sorting nutrition fact from fiction using evidence-based science and delicious recipes.

The Wellness Rebel by Plantbased Pixie
Prowse, Amanda
Amanda Prowse

Two new novels from million-copy bestselling author Amanda Prowse, that tell the story of one couple from both sides... This is Theo's story.

Theo: One Love, Two Stories by Amanda Prowse
Smith, A.J.
A.J. Smith
> Form and Void, Book 01

It is the 167th year of the Dark Age. Wielding their power, the Sea Wolves conquered the native Pure Ones and established their own Kingdom - but 17-year-old Duncan will discover a conspiracy to end their dominion...

Thomson, Ian
Ian Thomson

A biography of the great epic poem.

Dante's Divine Comedy by Ian Thomson
Thomson, Lesley
Lesley Thomson

A new case for sees Stella, the detective's daughter, and Jack moving to the country in order to solve a cold case.

The Death Chamber by Lesley Thomson
Weldon, Fay
Fay Weldon
> Spoils of War, Book 02

The last instalment in Dilberne sequence: following one family through the twentieth century.

Box, C.J.
C.J. Box
> Joe Pickett, Book 18

A rich English woman has arrived in Wyoming and gone missing. The state governor needs her disappearance investigated quietly and Joe's the man for the job. But then Joe discovers a pattern of missing women.

The Disappeared by C.J. Box
Andreasen, Michael
Michael Andreasen

An original debut collection of stories about moral and physical metamorphoses, odd love and idiosyncratic faith.

The Sea Beast takes a Lover by Michael Andreasen
Brown, Russell, Haley, Jonathan
Russell Brown, Jonathan Haley

Wild food and foraging. The complete guide to seasonal living with fantastic recipes that make the most of Britain's seasonal ingredients every month of the year.

Well Seasoned by Russell Brown,  Jonathan Haley
Dorries, Nadine
Nadine Dorries

The Lovely Lane story so far, collected in one volume for the first time, of Nadine Dorrie's bestselling series. Set in 1950s Liverpool, Lovely Lane follows four young nurses working at St Angelus hospital.

Lovely Lane Omnibus by Nadine Dorries