Format: 08/2019
Format: 08/2019
Hood, Joshua
Joshua Hood

Working as a cabinet-maker in rural Oregon, Adam thinks he has left Treadstone - the CIA's Black Ops programe - in the past, until he receives a mysterious email from a former colleague, and soon after is attacked by an unknown hit team at his job site.

Robert Ludlum's™ The Treadstone Resurrection by Joshua Hood
Palmer, Ada
Ada Palmer
> Terra Ignota, Book 04

In the fourth volume of the Terra Ignota series, the long years of near-utopia have come to an abrupt end...

Perhaps the Stars by Ada Palmer
Birney, Alfred
Alfred Birney

A son distils his father's life in the Dutch East Indies into one furious utterance - everything from the atrocities of the Japanese occupation, and the war of independence that followed, to his father's violent and unpredictable treatment of his children in his new homeland, postwar Holland.

The Interpreter from Java by Alfred Birney
Dolan, Harry
Harry Dolan

Sean and Molly are living quietly and cautiously in Houston when a troubled, obsessive stranger shatters the safety they have carefully constructed for themselves. A thriller about the extremes people will reach for love, greed, and survival.

The Good Killer by Harry Dolan
Duffy, Malcolm
Malcolm Duffy

When going home isn't an option. A YA novel about what it means to be homeless.

Sofa Surfer by Malcolm Duffy
Geoghegan, Peter
Peter Geoghegan

The story of how undisclosed donations – 'dark money'– have infiltrated British politics, undermining public faith in democracy and fuelling the rise of populism across the West.

Dark Money by Peter Geoghegan
Gibson, Mary
Mary Gibson

The inspiring story of one girl's struggle against poverty, hunger and family cruelty, set in 1920s London.

The Bermondsey Bookshop by Mary Gibson
Gilman, David
David Gilman
> Master of War, Book 06

The Hundred Years War still rages on and the French army thirsts for Thomas Blackstone's blood. Episode six in the epic Master of War series.

Cross of Fire by David Gilman
Grumley, Michael C.
Michael C. Grumley

The first book in an addictive sci-fi thriller series following a group of marine biologists as they uncover a dangerous conspiracy that will change human history.

Breakthrough by Michael C. Grumley
Ho-Kei, Chan
Chan Ho-Kei

A young woman in Hong Kong investigates her teenage sister's death.

Second Sister by Chan Ho-Kei
Meehan, Andrew
Andrew Meehan

An original and witty reimagining of the relationship between Oscar and Constance Wilde.

The Mystery of Love by Andrew Meehan
O'Reilly, Judith
Judith O'Reilly

An AI device witnesses the murder of its creator in this conspiracy thriller set in post-Brexit Britain.

Curse the Day by Judith O'Reilly
Riddle, A.G.
A.G. Riddle
> The Long Winter, Book 01

A new ice age. A mysterious object in space. And a desperate mission to save humanity from extinction.

Winter World by A.G. Riddle
Masterton, Graham
Graham Masterton
> Katie Maguire, Book 11

The final book in the Katie Maguire series. A judge's body is found on an isolated road. Four gang members have been shot. Three civilians have been blown up. To Katie's horror, Cork is becoming a gang battleground like Dublin.

The Last Drop of Blood by Graham Masterton
Goodkind, Terry
Terry Goodkind

In the wake of the brutal war that swept the Old World in Siege of Stone, a new danger is forming along the coast. A terrifying force threatens to bring destruction to the Old World.

Heart of Black Ice by Terry Goodkind