Format: 10/2018
Format: 10/2018
Costeloe, Diney
Diney Costeloe

A lost child, a family divided, the bitter backdrop of war – set in 19th-century France.

Children of the Siege by Diney Costeloe

A boy from the central Tibetan grasslands grows up in the wake of the Cultural Revolution. Love, loss, bears, bandits and Buddhist mysteries. Tibet's bestselling author published in English for the first time.

Love In No Man's Land by Duojizhuoga
Gibson, Mary
Mary Gibson

In 1935, London factory girl Ruby Scully will face a terrible choice between duty and great love that will alter her future forever.

A Sister's Struggle by Mary Gibson
Masterton, Graham
Graham Masterton
> Katie Maguire, Book 10

Katie Maguire, Ireland's most fearless detective, hunts a chilling killer on the streets of Cork.

Begging to Die by Graham Masterton
Okri, Ben
Ben Okri

An impassioned plea for freedom and justice, set in a world uncomfortably like our own.

The Freedom Artist by Ben Okri
Liu, Ken, Liu, Ken
Ken Liu, Ken Liu

Sixteen short stories from the China's groundbreaking SFF writers, edited and translated by award-winning author Ken Liu.

Broken Stars by Ken Liu
Whittaker, K.J.
K.J. Whittaker

Spared execution if he undertakes a dangerous mission to St Petersburg, Jack Crowlas finds himself entangled... From the windswept cliffs of Cornwall to the glittering ballrooms of St Petersburg, this is Regency romance with a twist.

By Wicked Design by K.J. Whittaker
Finder, Joseph
Joseph Finder

A terrifying conspiracy traps a female judge in an impossible dilemma.

Judgment by Joseph Finder
Preston, Douglas, Child, Lincoln
Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
> Agent Pendergast, Book 18

FBI Special Agent Pendergast must confront a strange, otherworldly circumstance – a new partnership.

Verses for the Dead by Douglas Preston,  Lincoln Child
Dorries, Nadine
Nadine Dorries

In this sequel to Shadows in Heaven, Mary Kate Malone runs away to Liverpool and into all kinds of trouble.

Mary Kate by Nadine Dorries
Fleming, Leah
Leah Fleming

An evocative novel of family secrets, love and redemption under the Greek sun.

The Olive Garden Choir by Leah Fleming
Franzosini, Edgardo
Edgardo Franzosini

A novel about the 20th century's greatest animal sculptor – a sensitive artist destroyed by the cruelties of the First World War.

The Animal Gazer by Edgardo Franzosini
Frostrup, Mariella
Mariella Frostrup

A collection of the greatest women's travel writing ever written.

Wild Women by Mariella Frostrup
Moore, Gillian
Gillian Moore

The story behind the scandalous first performance of one of the most influential works in the history of music.

The Rite of Spring by Gillian Moore
Nomine, Marvella
Marvella Nomine

500 rebel names inspired by the most fearless men and women of history.

Badass Baby Names by Marvella Nomine